Changing D2L Course Dates and Hiding Content

Changing the D2L Course Start and End Dates

Student may not access the D2L course before the Start Date and after the End Date (and time). Instructors may adjust these dates if the need exists.

Instructors - To modify your D2L course's Start and End dates:

  1. Login to D2L and go into your course.
  2. Click the Edit Course link on the navbar. 
    Edit Course

  3. Click the Course Offering information choice in the resulting list of choices. Often, it is first in the list or alphabetically in the Cs.
    Course Offering Information link and button
  4. Scroll down a bit and find the check boxes that activate the course dates you wish to change. After checking those boxes, adjust the course Start Date and/or course End Date.
    Change course start and/or end dates
  5. Remember to Save.


Hiding Course Content Modules or Individual Topics

Hide an entire course content module

  1. Open the Content tool.
  2. Select the module within the Table of Contents.
    Click content module on the left
  3. Choose Draft from the Published menu for this module (top/right of the screen). This hides the entire module of information.
    Choose draft from the published menu.

Hide a single content topic/item

  1. Open the Content tool.
  2. Find the Content topic/item to put in Draft (to hide).
  3. Choose Edit Properties In-place from the topic/item dropdown menu
    Edit topic properties in place
  4. Choose Draft from the Published menu (which also appears toward the right of the screen).
    Change to draft mode in the published menu
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