Deadlines and Important Dates

We are pleased to inform you that Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee (FRCAC) is now accepting proposals for its annual grants cycle.  Faculty researchers who plan to seek funding are requested to follow the open and close dates for each type of FRCAC funding listed below.  As indicated below, a few important changes have been introduced for the 2016/17 Funding Year.


 FALL funding session 
Summer Stipend for the Summer of 2017*   8/15/2016 9/15/2016
Summer Research Grant (for 2017)     8/15/2016 9/15/2016
Summer + Academic Year Research (2016-17) 8/15/2016 9/15/2016
 SPRING funding Session    
Summer Stipend for the Summer of 2017     1/20/2017 3/1/2017
Summer Research Grant (for 2017)        1/20/2017 3/1/2017
Academic Year Research (2017-18)**  1/20/2017 3/1/2017
Creative Activity Award*** 8/15/2016 3/1/2017
Distinguished Research Award *** 8/15/2016 3/1/2017

All of the deadlines will be assessed at 5.00pm CDT on the close date.

* FRCAC has revised and restructured the previously known as “summer salary” to a simpler “summer stipend.”  Applicants can request a summer stipend in both funding sessions.
** Summer stipend for 2018 can be requested only in the FY 2018 sessions.
*** Please note that the opening date for the nomination has been advanced to the beginning of the academic year to allow sponsors and nominees to submit all the required forms.
Major Changes for 2016/17 Grant Applications
  • Start dates & Deadlines: The dates have been advanced by two weeks this year to allow the reviewers more time to complete the award process.
  • Summer Salary à this has been restructured to a simpler stipend. Applicants can request a flat $6,500 or $3,250.  Please visit for more information
  • Grant Application à an application packet containing all necessary documents has been released. Click here to download a form.  Although this form has been beta tested, FRCAC recognizes that there may be unforeseen issues with its functionalities.  Therefore, FRCAC urges researchers to start early so any issues can be resolved before the deadline.
  • Grant Signage à The new application packet uses a different signage (please refer to the form for more details). INK SIGNATURES from the Dean and Chair are no longer required.  The endorsements will be required to be completed electronically. 
  • Annual Distinguished Awards à The start date for the two distinguished awards has been advanced to August 15th this year. This change is expected to allow sponsors and nominees more time to prepare their nomination materials.

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