Distinguished Research Award

Start Date - August 15th, 2020
Deadline - March 15th, 2021
Current Status - Open

Each year the faculty members at Middle Tennessee State University nominate their peers for the Distinguished Research Award. This award recognizes research achievement defined as "original creative scholarly activity, which generates new knowledge, product or application." This award generally represents the combined results of a systematic research program. This award also carries a monetary honorarium from the Middle Tennessee State University Foundation.

For the purpose of this award, research includes original creative scholarly activity, which generates new knowledge, product or application. This definition includes empirical studies, analytical literature searches which result in substantial modification of existing explanations of events, and/or creation of scholarly works of expression or appreciation. This award is not designed to recognize a single major breakthrough, but generally represents the combined results of a systematic research program.

All full-time, non-temporary faculty members, except those who have been recipients within the previous five years (see below list), are eligible for nomination. No one is eligible for more than one Foundation Award in any given year.

To be eligible for the award, the research should meet the following criteria.

  • Originality. The research should generate new knowledge, new creative expression, or substantially reorganize and reinterpret existing knowledge.
  • Advancement. The research should foster the development of theory and explanations of topics or directly contribute to the understanding and solution of important problems.
  • Recognition. The research must be recognized as a significant contribution to the academic discipline.
  • Time Frame. The research must have been performed while an employee of MTSU and either worked upon or completed within the last five years.

Nomination Procedure

The official nomination form must be completed and included. Nominations must be submitted by two faculty members within the discipline or closely allied fields. A faculty member may recommend no more than one nominee.  With reference to the stated criteria and in consultation with members of the academic discipline, the following materials are requested for consideration:

  1. Nomination Form - filled electronically and signed - Click here.
  2. The form provides space for a short statement from the sponsors where they would summarize the nominee's research and contributions.  
  3. The FRCAC administration will inform the nominee within 4 days after receiving the properly filled nomination form. Once the nominee accepts the nomination, the sponsors will be notified for further action.
    1. The sponsors must arrange for a minimum of 2 reference letters be sent directly to frcac@mtsu.edu before the deadline.  Please note that FRCAC will not solicit letters of references on behalf of the nominees or the sponsors. 
    2. The support letters must be typed on official letter head and scanned to PDF format before they are sent to by email to frcac@mtsu.edu
    3. Restrictions on who can serve as a nominee's reference: The references must be non-MTSU individuals who are familiar with the nominee's research but they must not have worked with the nominee on the project for which the nomination has been made.
  4. The sponsors or the nominee must submit the following minimum requirements for the FRCAC committee to judge their candidacy:
    1. Nominee's Vitae - PDF preferred. 
    2. No more than three representative pieces of work (video, written materials, scores, etc.) - email files  to frcac@mtsu.edu.  Documents and other types of media suitable for online sharing will be circulated among FRCAC through a shared-drive.  Other materials that are not compatible for online sharing will be stored in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for committee review.
    3. A short bio on the nominee - click here for examples

The materials presented will be reviewed by FRCAC and the winner(s) will be determined by the Committee.  In addition, the committee may request additional information or a personal interview of the nominee if FRCAC is unable to make a decision. The recipient(s) of the award will be announced at the Annual Fall Faculty Meeting.

All nomination documents, including reference letters, must be received by the deadline listed above.

Recipients of the FRCAC Distinguished Research Award (previous years)

Year Recipient
Dr. Tom Brinthaupt (Psychology) 
Dr. Song Cui (Agriculture)
Dr. Qiang Wu (Mathematical Sciences)
Dr. Mary Farone (Biology)
Dr. Abdul D. M. Khaliq (Mathematical Sciences)
Dr. Amy S. Kaufman (English)
Dr. Norma K. Dunlap (Chemistry)
Dr. Nancy Goldberg (Foreign Language)
Dr. Philip Phillips(Honors College)
2013-2014 Dr. Ngee Sing Chong (Chemistry)
Dr. Cyrille Magne (Psychology)
2012-2013 Dr. Paul S. Foster (Psychology)
Dr. Minsoo Kang (Health & Human Performance)
Dr. Kevin Smith (Sociology & Anthropology)
2011-2012 Dr. Andrew Brower (Biology)
2010-2011 Dr. Ron Aday (Sociology and Anthropology)
Dr. Bruce Cahoon (Biology)
2008-2009 Dr. Mark Anshel (Health and Human Performance)
Dr.Angela Mertig (Sociology and Anthropology)
Dr. Don Hong (Mathematical Sciences)

ING Building, Garden Level

Program Manager:
Dr. Jamie Burriss
Email: Jamie.Burriss@mtsu.edu
Phone: 615-494-7669