Member of the Week

The Member of the Week highlights the benefits of fraternity and sorority life at Middle Tennessee State University by spotlighting a member who lives out our fraternal values. The purpose of the campaign is to help break down any negative stereotypes or connotations students may have about fraternity and sorority life here at Middle Tennessee State University, while adhering to the True Blue Pledge. Each week Fraternity and Sorority Life will recognize a fraternity or sorority Member of the Week.

We encourage individuals to use their social media accounts to recognize the great things other members of the community are doing. We also encourage chapters to take advantage of this opportunity to highlight chapter specific activities or accomplishments that reflect our mission and values —this is also a great way to engage with students and increase your chapter’s social media efforts and public relations.

Don’t know where to start or what to tweet? We’ve got you covered! Here is a list of possible things to tweet about—but feel free to get creative!

  • I believe in fraternity life because…
  • I believe in sorority life because…
  • Fraternity/Sorority membership impacted my college experience because…
  • What does fraternity/sorority membership mean to you?

Remember, everything we post on social media has an impact on not only our individual chapters, but the entire FSL community at MTSU

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