Committee Members

For information about the General Education Committee, see MTSU Policy 32 University Committees.

Name Division/Department Term
Keely O-Brien BAS/Agriculture 2021-2024
Rebecca Fischer BHS/Health and Human Performance 2021-2024
Keith Gamble BUS/Economics and Finance 2021-2024
Sungyoon Lee COE/Elementary and Special Education 2021-2024
Amy Sayward LA/History 2021-2024
Leon Alligood ME/Journalism and Strategice Media 2021-2024
Scott McDaniel UC/University Studies 2021-2022
Warner Cribb BAS/Geosciences


Mark Frame BHS/Psychology 2020-2023
Virginia Hemby-Grubb BUS/Marketing 2020-2023
Terry Goodin COE/Educational Leadership 2020-2023
Jenna Gray-Hildenbrand LA/Philosophy and Religious Studies 2020-2023
Rachel Kirk LIB/Collection Development and Management 2020-2023
Ryan Otter BAS/Biology 2019-2022
Janet Colson BHS/Human Sciences 2019-2022
Deana Raffo BUS/Management 2019-2022
Lando Carter COE/Educational Leadership 2019-2022
Laura White LA/English 2019-2022
Nicholas Morgan Student 2021-2022
Sydney Fischer Student 2021-2022
Susan Myers-Shirk Director, General Education Ex-Officio
Nita Brooks Interim Vice Provost for Academic Programs Ex-Officio
Chris Brewer Assistant Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness Ex-Officio 
Leah Lyons Interim Dean (recommended Dean's Council) Ex-Officio 
Jeff Gibson Associate Dean-College of Liberal Arts Ex-Officio
Steve Severn Chair (recommended Chair's Council) Ex-Officio