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The Albert Gore Research Center maintains research files on subjects relating to its areas of concentration. There are three overarching subject file areas: Albert Gore Sr., Middle Tennessee State University, and General Topics. Due to copyright and other issues, we are unable to post these files online. However, we welcome researchers to use the files, which are housed in the research room at the Albert Gore Research Center, during our operating hours. Should you have any questions about the topics listed below, please contact our staff.

Albert Gore Sr. Subject Files

Although researchers are encouraged to use original material in the Albert Gore Sr. Papers, subject files can be a place to begin one's search on some of the relevant topics during his life and political career in the U.S. House and Senate.

Biographical–Gore, Albert Sr. (1907-1998)
Biographical–Gore, Albert Sr. (1907-1998) Death
Biographical–Gore, Albert Sr. (1907-1998) Media Coverage
Biographical–Gore, Albert Sr. (1907-1998) Photographs
Biographical–Gore, Albert Sr. (1907-1998) Remembrance
Biographical–Gore, Pauline (1912–2004)
Civil Rights History
Civil Rights Legislation
Constituent News Releases
Dixon-Yates Controversy
Energy Bill (1970)
Federal Bureau of Investigation File
Fortas, Abraham “Abe” (1910–1982)
General Platform
Highway Legislation
Issue Mail Topics (Mail from Constituents)
Johnson, Lyndon Baines (1908-1973)–Correspondence with Albert Gore Sr.
Kefauver, Estes (1903-1963)
Vietnam War (1961-1975)

Middle Tennessee State University Subject Files

Includes information, articles, and other files relating to Middle Tennessee State University since its founding in 1911.

Administrative Reports
Alternative Student Newspaper
Anniversary–25th (1936)
Anniversary–50th (1951)
Anniversary–75th (1986)
Athletics–Men's Basketball                                                        
Athletics–Track and Field                                                            
Athletics–Women's Sports                                                         
Buchanan, James (1919-2013)–Alumnus, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics                                 
Buildings–Abernathy Hall 
Buildings–Adams Tennis Complex
Buildings–Alumni Memorial Gymnasium                              
Buildings–Art Barn                                                                          
Buildings–Beasley Hall
Buildings–Beef Cattle Barn                                                         
Buildings–Boutwell Dramatic Arts                                            
Buildings–Bragg Media and Communication                                   
Buildings–Business and Aerospace                                         
Buildings–Campus Recreation Center  
Buildings–Cason-Kennedy Nursing                                         
Buildings–Central Heating Plant                                              
Buildings–Clement Hall
Buildings–Construction Reports                                               
Buildings–Cope Administation                                                  
Buildings–Corlew Hall
Buildings–Cummings Hall
Buildings–Davis Science                                                               
Buildings–E. W. Midgett Building  
Buildings–Ellington Home Economics/Human Sciences                                    
Buildings–Ezell Hall
Buildings–Felder Hall
Buildings–Forrest Hall (ROTC)                                                                
Buildings–Gore Hall
Buildings–Gracy Hall
Buildings–Homer Pittard Campus School                              
Buildings–Horticulture Education Center                                               
Buildings–Jack McFarland Health Services
Buildings–James E. Walker Library                                           
Buildings–James Union                                                                
Buildings–Jones Hall
Buildings–Judd Hall
Buildings–Keathley University Center                                   
Buildings–Kirksey Old Main                                                        
Buildings–Learning Resources Center                                    
Buildings–Lyon Hall
Buildings–McHenry Hall
Buildings–Miller Coliseum                                                           
Buildings–Miss Mary Hall
Buildings–Monohan Hall
Buildings–Murfree Hall                                                                
Buildings–Murphy Center                                                           
Buildings–Paul W. Martin Sr. Honors                                      
Buildings–Peck Hall                                                                        
Buildings–Photography Building
Buildings–President's House                                                      
Buildings–Reynolds Hall                                                       
Buildings–Rutledge Hall
Buildings–Saunders Fine Arts
Buildings–Schardt Hall
Buildings–Science Building
Buildings–Simms Hall
Buildings–Smith Hall
Buildings–Stark Agriculture                                                        
Buildings–Strobel Biology Annex                                             
Buildings–Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia
Buildings–Todd Hall                                   
Buildings–Tom H. Jackson/Cantrell Alumni Hall                                
Buildings–Tucker Theatre                                                                          
Buildings–Vet Village                                                                    
Buildings–Voorhies Engineering Technology Building
Buildings–Wiser Patten Science Hall     
Buildings–Wood Hall
Buildings–Wright Music                                  
Campus History–1911-1925 (Normal)                                     
Campus History–1925-1943 (MTSTC)                                      
Campus History–1943-1965 (MTSC)                                        
Campus History–1965-        (MTSU)                                          
Campus History–Origins and Overviews                               
Center for Mideast Studies                                                        
Colleges–Jennings A. Jones Business
Colleges–Media and Entertainment
Colleges–University Honors
Departments–Criminal Justice                                                  
Departments–Economics and Finance                                  
Departments–World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Departments–Industrial Arts                                                     
Departments–Political Science                                                 
Departments–Sociology and Anthropology
Departments–Speech and Theatre
Disabled Student Services
Distiguished Alumni
Dixie Controversy (see also Forrest Hall Controversy)
Eleventh College Training Detachment (U.S. Army Air Forces, World War II)
Enrollment Data
Faculty and Staff
Faulkinberry, Frank
Forrest Hall Controversy (see also Dixie Controversy)
Gender Issues
Gordon, Bart (1949– )–Alumnus, Member of Congress
Gore, Al (1948- )                                                                                      
Half Staff Flag Notices
Homecoming Queens                                                                   
Information Technology Division
Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research
Japan Center of Tennessee                                                       
Jones, Horace                                                                                  
LGBT Campus Issues                                                                      
Maps and Aerial Photos                                                               
Marching Band–Band of Blue
Mascot Changes                                                                              
MTSU Foundation          
Oral Histories–Cope, Quill E. (1912-1968)                                                      
Oral Histories–White, Robert H.                                               
Oral Histories–Womack, Bob  
Presidents–Cope, Quill                                                  
Presidents–McPhee, Sidney                                                     
Presidents–Scarlett, M.G.                                                           
Presidents–Smith, Gene (Interim)                                          
Presidents–Smith, Quintin Miller (Q.M.)                                                   
Presidents–Walker, James E.                                                    
Race Relations on Campus                                                          
Sidelines (student newspaper) 
Student Organizations–Associated Student Body                              
Student Organizations–African American Fraternities and Sororities
Student Organizations–Buchanan Dramatic Club                               
Student Organizations–Early Literary Societies and Clubs
Student Organizations–Fraternities and Sororities
Student Organizations–MT Lambda
Student Organizations–Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)                                                           
Walnut Grove                                                                                   
WMOT radio- Jazz Music

General Subject Files

Topics listed below have a local or regional significance. These files are not exclusive to, but mostly feature, issues important to Rutherford County, Tennessee.

African American History in Tennessee (See also Bradley Academy)
Bell Buckle, Tennessee
Berry Field (Airport)–Nashville
Bradley Academy
Camp Forrest Army Base–Tullahoma (1941-1946)
Cannonsburgh Village–Murfreesboro
Charity Circle–Murfreesboro
Civil War–Dewitt Smith Jobe
Civil War–Emma Lane Diary (1864-66)
Civil War–Letters and Diaries
Civil War–Murfreesboro Photographs Articles
Civil War–Murfreesboro Photographs Copies
Civil War–Women’s Roles
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Craddock Club (1921-1986)
D-Day Reference Interviews
Davis, Sam–Biography and Home
Devil’s Hole–Cannon County
Discovery Center
Downtown Murfreesboro–Renovations
“The Farm” Hippie Commune
Garland, Judy–Family
Great Depression (1929)
Griffith! A Bicentennial Publication Rutherford County, Tennessee
Health Care
Hoover, Walter King
Hughes, Thomas–Rugby, Tennessee
Ku Klux Klan in Tennessee
Lamb, Barry–Murfreesboro Photobook Notes
Lytle, William
MacArthur, General Douglas–Articles
Mills and Mill-work
Murfreesboro Development
Murfreesboro Historic Houses and Buildings
Murfreesboro Street Maps
Oral Histories– Great Depression in Smyrna, Tennessee
Porterfield, Tennessee
Princess Theatre–Murfreesboro
“Rocket Car” Visit, 1934
Rutherford County Archives–New Building Articles
Rutherford County Arts and Humanities Council–History, Guidelines
Rutherford County Churches
Rutherford County Environmental Development
Rutherford County Folklore
Rutherford County Hickory Grove, Old Jefferson
Rutherford County Historical Society
Rutherford County Politics
Rutherford County Schools
Rutherford County Tour/Explore Pamphlets
Rutherford Hospital
Rutherford Rifles Regiment, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Sewart Air Force Base–Smyrna (1942-1970)
Sky Harbor Airport (1929-1937)
Smyrna, Tennessee–Government, Restoration
Tennessee College for Women
Tennessee Higher Education
Warden, Margaret Lindsley (1904-2007)
Westvue area of Murfreesboro
Womack, Andy (1945- )
World War II–Tennessee Aeronautics
World War II–Tennessee Maneuvers
York, Alvin C (1887-1964)


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