About Movement 68

Honoring 50 Years of Black Student Activism at MTSU

October 2018 marks 50 years since student Sylvester Brooks and several of his peers started debates about race relations on MTSU's campus. Many of these same issues continue today. Beginning in October 2017, the Albert Gore Research Center will facilitate a discussion on the past 50 years through a series of events and projects described below. We hope that students, staff, faculty, members of the Murfreesboro community and wider public will join us in honoring these courageous black students, and help us all work toward a more inclusive, accepting environment on and off campus.

List of Movement 68 Events & Projects

  1. Movement 68 Symposium: This evening event held on October 23, 2018 will feature an alumni panel and keynote speaker covering MTSU student activism, black student experiences from the past 50 years, and the documentation and preservation of these campus freedom struggles. 
  2. Oral History Interviews: The Gore Center is looking for former or current MTSU students, staff, and faculty to interview about student activism since the 1960s. Members of the public from Murfreesboro and Rutherford County who remember student protests are also welcome to participate in the oral history interviews. Contact Sarah.Calise@mtsu.edu or Donna.Baker@mtsu.edu to schedule an interview. Click here for more info.
  3. Call For Donations: Donna Baker, University Archivist, is asking for donations from anyone who has documents, photographs, objects, and other items related to student protests at MTSU. Click here for more info.
  4.  Exhibits: The Gore Center will curate both a physical and online exhibit on the past 50 years of student protests at MTSU. The exhibits will open in October 2018 ahead of the Symposium and the 50th anniversary of Sylvester Brooks' Sidelines guest column.
  5. Social Media: Look for the hashtag #MVMT68 on the Gore Center's Twitter and Facebook for posts sharing primary sources from the history of MTSU's student protests, information on Movement 68 events, and more.
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