Oral History Interviews

The Gore Center is currently searching for oral history participants to share their experiences and memories of student activism at MTSU and in Murfreesboro. We are looking for any former or current MTSU students, faculty, and staff or members of the Murfreesboro community who are willing to contribute their personal stories to this important time in history. To schedule an interview, please contact either Sarah.Calise@mtsu.edu or Donna.Baker@mtsu.edu

MTSU Students: We need your help conducting these oralTennessee tristar with headphones logo history interviews! Oral history projects help you gain experience and skills in communication techniques, recording equipment, transcription, historical research, journalism, and public service. If you want to help with any of our oral history projects, including Movement '68, please contact us.

Oral Histories on Movement 68 

Below are clips from oral histories from Gore Center collections that relate to Movement 68 issues and topics. The Gore Center wants to increase the amount of oral histories that discuss MTSU student movements, particuarly with stories from black students and faculty dating back to the 1960s. 

Sylvester Brooks, Interviewed on 9/30/2000 (MT24)

Sylvester BrooksBrooks discussed his time at MTSU during the late 1960s. He was active in various student organizations and movements, including C.U.B.E., Black Student Union, and the Democratic Party. He was vocal on issues concerning race, and was one of the lead activists who protested MTSU's use of Confederate symbols, including the Dixie fight song, Confederate flag, and Nathan Bedford Forrest as mascot.

Click here to listen to this oral historyor click here to read the transcript.

Vincent Windrow, Interviewed on 2/16/2012 (CMC174)

Vincent WindrowMTSU staff member, Vincent Windrow, discusses his time as a student in 1989 when the Nathan Bedford Forrest plaque was removed from the Keathley University Center. He also explains the importance of Sylvester Brooks' activism in the 1960s. 

Click here to listen to this oral history clip, or click here to read the transcript.

Centennial Conversations: Race Relations, 1970

In this clip from Centennial Conversations, former students Phyllis Hickerson Washington and Bart Gordon discuss the night of the cross burning on campus in December 1970. Click here for the transcript.

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