Hidden Town in 3D 

The project “Hidden Town in 3D” is a partnership between MTSU’s digital history program, the Animation Department, and Old Salem Museums and Gardens to recover and represent the stories of the African Americans who lived in the Moravian town of Salem, North Carolina in the 19th and early 20th centuries. None of their houses still stand, so the museum has been gathering archival evidence (in historic maps and registers) and archeological evidence of their remains. Eight Public History PhD students traveled to Old Salem in May 2018 to do terrestrial photogrammtery models of the museum and research new interpretive labels for the Hidden Town in 3D virtual tour of Old Salem. 

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The immediate output is a virtual 3D exhibit of the outdoor museum that can be accessed here and a 3D model of the Christian David house. All animation work by Prof. Rick Lewis and students of his 2018 Motion Graphics II class at MTSU.



MTSU and Old Salem Museum and GardensMTSU's Digital History Field School and Old Salem Museum & Gardens partners, May 25, 2018