Honors Courses

The University Honors College provides an undergraduate education of uncommon value and quality. In doing so, it draws special attention to MTSU's many respected and nationally recognized programs of study. Honors students at MTSU may elect a major in any one of the degree programs available to undergraduates. In fulfilling departmental, college, and University degree requirements, Honors students have the opportunity to choose the combination of Honors and non-honors course sections that best fit their personal needs and interests. In many instances, an Honors course will serve to meet a general education or major requirement and at the same time apply toward graduation from the University Honors College.

Honors courses are designed to provide a deeper understanding of subject matter and challenge students to produce a higher quality of work. Honors courses don't necessarily require more work, but rather a different level of intellectual challenge, commensurate with student ability and motivation. Our model for success involves small groups of motivated students and highly qualified faculty coming together in a discussion-oriented environment that is both supportive and intellectually challenging. Honors credit can also be earned through AP exams, the Honors Lecture Series, independent study, and study abroad.

Lower-division (1000- and 2000-level) Honors sections are limited to 20 students. Students are advised to take general education courses as Honors courses to ensure that they accumulate the necessary Honors hours for graduation with University Honors.

Upper division (3000- and 4000-level) Honors sections are limited to 15 students. Interdisciplinary Honors courses (Junior and Senior Seminars) may be eligible for credit from other departments.