Honors Faculty Application Process

To apply for Honors Faculty status, you must:

  1. Hold a terminal degree in your field
  2. Be full-time, tenure or tenure-track

and submit the following:

  1. Letter of intent to specifically teach one or more Honors sections
  2. Abbreviated VITA
  3. Letter of recommendation and support from your department chairperson
  4. Copies of student evaluations for all courses you have taught in the last TWO YEARS

The Honors College believes that good teaching and good research go hand-in-hand. In seeking Honors faculty, it thus seeks teacher-scholars, who exemplify good teaching and good research and who will thus be good role models for students who contemplate going to graduate and professional schools. Honors faculty should exemplify the strengths of the departments they represent. All faculty seeking to teach Honors courses must be recommended by their Chairs and approved by the Honors Council. The Council will examine resumes for ongoing scholarly activity and student evaluations for evidence of exemplary teaching.

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