Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships are run through the MTSU Office of Education Abroad. Ms. Laura Clippard, from the UFO, is an official Gilman advisor for MTSU.

Please note: The list below represents only students from the MTSU Honors College that have received a Gilman Scholarship. 

Year Name Major Country
2022 Bent, Caimelle Nursing South Korea
2022 Bland, Randa Recording Industry and Marketing Gilman-McCain for United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Netherlands
2022 Ekwuazi, Adaore Economics Ghana
2022 Ginnab, Yaseen Biology and Psychology Costa Rica
2022 Greer, Katheryne Foreign Language France
2022 Guest, Jael Foreign Language France
2022 Harris, Phoenix Physics Japan
2022 Hii, Wang Mechatronics Engineering South Korea
2022 Little, Dimend International Relations Spain
2022 Loza, Marina Music Austria
2022 Mahon, Alexis Political Science Senegal
2022 Marcoaldi, Dominic Philosophy Chile 
2022 Medley, Marian Global Studies and Environmental Science Switzerland and Italy 
2022 Norris, Kelsie Psychology Austria
2022 Owen, Mahala Interior Design Spain
2022 Padilla, Rossana Textiles Merchandising Design  Virtual Internship
2022 Pendergast, Brandi Biology Spain
2022 Schrader, Jessica Recording Industry United Kingdom
2022 Soto Leon, Luz Nutrition and Food Science  Switzerland and Italy 
2022 Vilaysane, Sarina Psychology Austria 
2021 Dienye, Jilaena Elementary Education Spain
2021 Gordan, Logan Foreign Language Japan
2021 Loza, Marina Music Austria
2021 Margerison, Kylie Psychology South Korea
2021 West, Antonio Business Administration Japan
2021 White, Elijah Computer Science and Foreign Language Japan
2020 Clayton, Sai Art and Foreign Language Japan
2020 Ni, Suzy Biochemistry South Korea
2020 Sarivong, Joey Global Studies & Human Geography Thailand
2020 Thomas, Ahmad Video & Film Production Brazil
2019 Bradley, Haley Aeronautical Science Japan
2019 Hogan, Keyana Global Studies and Foreign Language Japan
2019 Little, Biron Industrial and Organizational Psychology Japan
2019 Lopez, Ana Nutrition and Food Science France
2019 Nunez, Tammy Biology and Spanish Spain
2018 Horner, Katelynn Finance and Environment Sustainability New Zealand
2018 Willis, Ethan Computer Science and Mathematics Finland
2018 Barrett, Logan Music Austria
2018 Johnson, Brittney Global Studies and Human Geography and Foreign Languages Chile
2018 Rainey, Cheyenne Mass Communications Japan
2018 Smith, Alyssa T. Sociology Brazil
2018 Torres, Yanett Journalism Spain
2017 Howse, Joshua Liberal Studies Costa Rica
2017 Kelley, Marilin Mathematics Costa Rica
2017 Thornburg, Adam Information Systems Spain
2017 York, William English Japan
2016 Baruch, Rookery Computer Science France
2016 Beverly, Dakota Information Systems Japan
2016 Buford, Brianna Interior Design Dominican Republic
2016 Drew, Emily Mass Communication South Korea
2016 Insyxiengmay, Arounyadeth Concrete Industry Management United Arab Emirates
2016 Ismail, Hussaen Concrete Industry Management United Arab Emirates
2016 Kupecz, Jiana Psychology South Africa
2016 Lawrence, Christian Biology Japan
2016 Phuntling, Hermon Global Studies  Tanzania
2016 Rodas Munoz, Martha International Relations  Japan
2016 Roldan, Peter Concrete Industry Management United Arab Emirates
2016 Watkins, Sabrina Animation  South Korea
2015 Lawhorn, Chad International Relations Russia
2015 Moran, Sophia Anthropology France
2015 Morklithavong, Darrika Global Studies Thailand
2014 Avila, Dimitre Global Studies Japan
2014 Benefield, Brittany Social Work United Kingdom
2014 Enck, Elizabeth Integrated Studies Napal
2014 Kelley, Michele Professional Physics  Czech Republic
2014  Monsegue, Nissi  International Relations  China 
2014 O'connell, Nathan Music Costa Rica
2014 Plumer, Mitchell Global Studies and Foreign Language Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (Japan)
2014 Rose, Deangelica Foreign Languages South Korea
2014 Stickney, Shawn Integrated Studies Russia
2013 Harris, Lydia History and Anthropology Ireland
2011 Hallfrisch, Kristofer Global Studies Jordan
2010 Yacovone, Anna Global Studies / Organizational Communication Thailand


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