Priority Registration

Although MTSU offers a wide array of Honors courses, students should be aware that course options may be limited, particularly during the late phases of the registration period. For this reason Honors students are advised to qualify for and utilize the privilege of priority registration (ideally during the freshmen year). Students accepted into the Buchanan Fellowship Program automatically qualify for priority registration and need not follow the guidelines below.

In order to qualify and remain eligible for the priority registration privilege, Honors students must:

  • complete the intent form (once)
  • maintain a 3.25 cumulative gpa
  • take Honors classes on a regular basis, working towards the thesis requirement
  • meet every semester with the Honors Advisor before the posted deadline

Students can earn additional Honors credits by:

  • having a 4 or 5 on AP scores (up to nine Honors hours given)
  • having an "A" in Governor's School classes (up to three Honors hours given)
  • using study abroad college credits (must have approval before trip) for up to nine Honors hours

Please note that in order to remain on track for priority registration:

  • Freshmen should complete at least 12-15 Honors hours (6-9 per semester)
  • Sophomores should complete 8 Honors hours (with at least 3 in the third semester)
  • Students, who complete their general studies classes prior to the end of their sophomore year, need to be sure that they have at least 20 hours of Lower-Division Honors credit
  • Juniors should complete 6 Honors hours (with at least 3 in the fifth semester)
  • Juniors should take UH 4900 in their sixth semester

See table below to learn how many Honors hours, a student should have accumulated each semester.

Year: Registration Period Cumulative Credit Hours Earned Honors Credit Hours Earned
Freshmen: spring registration (for subsequent fall semester) 15 6
Sophomore: fall registration (for subsequent spring semester) 30 12
Sophomore: spring registration (for subsequent fall semester) 45 15
Junior: fall registration (for subsequent spring semester) 60 20
Junior: spring registration (for subsequent fall semester) 75 23
Senior: fall registration (for subsequent spring semester) 90 26

Students are required to re-enroll for priority registration every semester. To re-enroll, students should meet with an Honors College Academic Advisor (Laura Clippard, HONR #227,, 615-898-5464; Judy Albakry, HONR #230,, 615-494-8819; or April Goers: HONR #228,, 615-494-7767) early in the semester and present a transcript demonstrating satisfactory progress.

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