Priority Registration

Although MTSU offers a wide array of Honors courses, students should be aware that course options may be limited, particularly during the late phases of the registration period. For this reason Honors students are advised to qualify for and utilize the privilege of early priority registration (ideally during the freshmen year). Students accepted into the Buchanan Fellowship Program automatically qualify for early priority registration and need not follow the guidelines below - please contact regarding your requirements.

In order to qualify and remain eligible for the early priority registration privilege, Honors students must:

Students must be approved for early priority registration EVERY semester. To be approved, students should attend an advising workshop or meet with their honors advisor before the advising deadline (deadlines are communicated through emails.

Students can earn additional Honors credits by:

  • having a 4 or 5 on AP scores (up to nine Honors hours given) or IB higher level (HL) tests that meet MTSU admissions requirements or Standard Level (SL) tests with one point higher than the required IB score for MTSU credit
  • having an "A" in a Tennessee Governor's School class (up to three Honors hours given)
  • using study abroad college credits (must have approval before trip) for up to nine Honors hours
  • using internship credits (must have approval at the beginning of the internship semester) for up to six Honors hours
  • the Honors College will accept any transferred honors credit (up to 21 hours) towards our requirements. Transfer courses must be marked as honors on official transcripts in order to be reviewed,

Please note that in order to remain on track for priority registration:

  • Freshmen should complete at least 12-15 Honors hours (6-9 per semester)
  • Sophomores should complete 5-8 Honors hours 
  • Students, who complete their general studies classes prior to the end of their sophomore year, need to be sure that they have at least 18 hours of Lower-Division Honors credit
  • Juniors should complete 5-6 Honors hours 
  • Juniors should take UH 4900 in their sixth semester
  • Seniors are recommended to complete UH 4950 and any other remaining requirements in their seventh semester, however students may utilize their eigth semester to complete requirements as needed. Please discuss your progress with your honors advisor.

These are general guidelines. Students should meet with their honors advisor if they are concerned about their honors progress to make a plan to complete their honors hours.

Honors Graduation Requirements (29 hours total): 

  • 18 hours of Lower Division Honors Courses (can include extra upper-division courses if needed)
  • 3 hours of any 3000/4000 level Honors course, an approved Honors Contract, approved study abroad, or approved internship.
  • 3 hours of Interdisciplinary Seminar. Fulfilled by taking UH 3500, UH 4600, or UH 4010 (Institute of Leadership Excellence); or an approved study abroad or internship course.
  • 1 hour of UH 3000 – Lecture Series
  • 1 hour of UH 4900 – Thesis Tutorial
  • 3 hours of UH 4950 – Honors Senior Independent Study Research or Creative Project (Thesis)

The Honors Associate requires the 11 hours of upper division courses listed above.