How to Apply to the Faculty Sick Leave Bank

In order to apply to the Faculty Sick Leave Bank, the following information is needed:

  1. A completed Faculty Sick Leave Bank Application form. This form along with other faculty sick leave bank information can be found on the HR Forms page.

  2. A letter or email (sent to explaining the reason for your request, a brief history of your leave usage, and an explanation of why your leave balance is low.

  3. A physician's statement on doctor's letterhead. The doctor must verify the nature of the illness or injury and the inability of the employee to work.

All forms should be turned in as soon as you determine that you will lose pay.  Your case will be presented anonymously to the trustees and after the trustees have considered your request, you will be informed of their decision.  In making their decisions, the trustees consider the seriousness of the employee's condition, the employee's leave history for excessive usage, the employee's letter and the current bank balance.

When all leave granted by the bank has been exhausted and the trustee's award of leave is final, you would be eligible to receive donated leave.  The donated leave policy can also be found at the above website.

Please call Robert Brown @ 615-898-5727 if you have any questions!

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