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(*Formerly known as FRCAC)

PI Responsibilities

General Responsibilities: After MT-IGO recommendations have been completed through the two-step review process, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will create an account by which to manage the funds granted. The faculty member will be responsible for following all University procedures in connection with the proper and timely disbursement and accounting of such funds and the completion of the necessary paperwork. If additional time is necessary, the recipient of the award shall petition the ORSP for additional time for the account to remain open, providing convincing justification. If the award recipient does not make the request or if the request for additional time is denied, the account will be closed and a notice to such effect shall be sent to the recipient.

Acceptance Letter: The PI must submit a complete acceptance letter within 30 days from the issuance of the full version of the award notification.  The PI must agree and adhere by all the conditions provided in the acceptance letter template. Visit the forms link to download a recent copy of the acceptance letter. 

Accounting: Accounts are set up in the PI's name and the faculty members may sign off on service payments, student worker payments, adjuncts, purchases, travel, etc. The ORSP will do our best to guide the faculty with paperwork etc, but overall it is the awardee's responsibility to manage transactions and keep up with account balances. This helps in preparing those who will later apply for external funding.

Making Changes: Changes or revisions to your proposal that require budgetary changes must be submitted to MT-IGO immediately.  The funds allocated for each activity listed in the budget must be followed as proposed.   All alterations or modification must be approved by MT-IGO before they may be implemented.  

Final Reports: Recipients must submit a final report within 60 days after the project is completed.   

MT-IGO Acknowledgment: Grant recipients are expected to acknowledge funding by the MT Internal Grant Opportunities (MT-IGO) program on articles submitted for publication and/or presentations of creative works.

Intellectual Property: The Bayh-Dole Act imposes the duty of disclosure upon a researcher who makes an invention in the course of federally funded research. Also, under the Intellectual Property policy, faculty, staff, and students are all required to disclose all inventions as well as the creation of those copyrightable works which could be reasonably expected to have commercial value. Grant recipients are thus expected to disclose any intellectual property developed as a part of the project to the Office of Research (see MTSU's IP Policy).



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