Choosing the right path. An international perspective.

Choosing the right path. An international perspective.

Anusha, a graduate student from Vijayawada, India

I'm Anusha, an international student from Vijayawada, India.

Since I was a small kid, going to school in the United States has been a dream of mine. I only chose to pursue my master's degree in the United States for that reason. The opportunity to take classes from several academic disciplines before selecting a major or concentration also attracted me to the United States. I began exploring universities that offered the best opportunities for me as I reached the end of my undergraduate degree. There were so many options available, and the grad school application process was highly challenging. I learned about MTSU during my application process from my sister, who resided in Tennessee. The way she described it to me sparked my interest and convinced me to apply to MTSU at the last minute.

I still remember my first experience at MTSU, where I went to every department possible to learn about the opportunities provided to the students. In this process, I met different students in different departments, and they helped me explore the opportunities available on campus. The most surprising part was that the students I met in various departments were in the same classes I was taking. They were always there for me whenever I needed them. When I came to MTSU, I didn't even know where I would end my career, but being at MTSU has helped me to choose the right path.

People at MTSU are cool; whether they are professors, advisors, or faculty members, everyone here tries their best to assist you in solving a problem rather than simply leaving it up to you. Even when they don't have the answers, they can help you find someone who can help you with your needs. In my semester here, I was involved in many events where I could build connections with new people and learn from them. They give us many opportunities to advance academically and socially and enjoy college rather than simply ensuring that people graduate.

I am happy I chose MTSU because I would have missed out on some incredible people if I hadn't. I still have three semesters left before I graduate, and I can't wait to see all the memorable moments they bring me!