Training Modules under Social and Behavioral Research


The MTSU requires the following 9 (NINE) modules to be completed under the "Social and Behavioral Research" training offered by CITI.  If you are from a different institution and you plan to collaborate with an MTSU researcher, please ensure that these modules are completed and up-to-date before seeking IRB approval.
  • Belmont Report and CITI Course Introduction (ID: 1127)
  • History and Ethical Principles - SBE (ID: 490) 
  • Defining Research with Human Subjects - SBE (ID: 491) 
  • The Federal Regulations - SBE (ID: 502)
  •  Assessing Risk - SBE (ID: 503)
  • Informed Consent - SBE (ID: 504)
  •  Privacy and Confidentiality - SBE (ID: 505)
  • Conflicts of Interest in Research Involving Human Subjects (ID: 488)
  • Middle Tennessee University Module DEMO (ID 1073)
  •  Students MUST complete "Students in Research" supplemental module

  • In addition to these mandatory modules, the researchers will be instructed to complement additional modules depending on the type of research and the target participant pool.