MTSU students, faculty, and staff have access to the online training video library, Tutorials are available for thousands of writing, publishing, graphic design, animation, and audio/video programs; career fields like marketing, filmmaking, game creation, IT security, and web design; and even job skills such as time management, and project coordination.  So whether for classroom assignments or personal and professional development, you can learn with Lynda. 

Accessing with your MTSU account

  1. Log in to the access portal at: Once the page loads, you will see the Office 365 sign-in page.
  2. Faculty/Staff: Under “Work / School Microsoft Account” credentials enter your FSA (For example, if you sign in to your work computer with the FSA username jjones, then you would enter Then type in your FSA password.

    Students: Under “Work / School Microsoft Account” credentials enter your MTMail Then type in your MTMail password.
  1. Click the Sign-in button. *If you are prompted to choose a Work, School, or Personal account, then please choose “Work or School.”
  2. From here you can click on where you will automatically be signed in and ready to use and if you have a previous account, you will see a greeting prompting you to migrate your old profile to your new account.

Accessing via the app

  1. iOS app - download the app from the Apple Store
    1. Choose “already a member”
    2. Choose the “Organization” tab
    3. Under Web Portal – enter edu and click on “Log in”
    4. Choose your account;
    5. Choose Work or School Account;
    6. Enter your FSA (for faculty) or MTMail (student) password;
    7. Click on Sign-in 
  2. Android app - you can follow the same directions as above except using Google Play instead of the Apple Store.


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