ITD Staff

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Vice President for IT & CIO
Name Title Email Phone
Bruce Petryshak Vice President for IT and CIO  615-898-5570
Cassie Mullins Administrative Assistant to the VP & CIO 615-898-5570

Academic & Instructional Technology Services
Name Title Email Phone
Barbara Draude AVP, Academic & Instructional Technology Services 615-904-8383
Bill Burgess Accessibility Specialist 615-904-8445
Scott Haupt Instructional Designer 615-898-2061
Kourtney Smith Learning Multimedia Developer 615-904-8205
Jan Pontia Instructional Technologist 615-904-8191
Jimmy Williams Instructional Technologist 615-898-2140
Curt Curry Senior Systems Analyst 615-898-5160
Dave Munson Senior Systems Analyst 615-898-5220
Toto Sutarso Statistical Consultant 615-898-5161

Client Services & IT Business Operations
Name Title Email Phone
Robin Jones AVP, Client Services & IT Business Operations 615-898-2214
Yolonda Fields Administrative Secretary 615-898-2041
Craig Myers Editorial Assistant 615-904-8392

ID Office

Shawn Alverson Manager, BlueID Office 615-898-2767
Deena Cruz ID System Technical Clerk 615-898-5108

Client Services

Alan Franklin Director, Client Services 615-898-5336
James Copeland Assistant Director, Classroom Technology 615-904-8586
Duane Semler Manager, Client Services (Classroom Support) 615-898-2779
Jeremy Stanley Computer Lab Technician, Help Desk 615-898-5736
Brian Ratliff Computer Lab Technician, Help Desk 615-898-5393
Justin Foster Desktop & Classroom Support Specialist 615-494-8776
Vacant Desktop & Classroom Support Specialist    
Phil Collins Local Service Provider 615-494-7703
Marion Gwyn Local Service Provider 615-898-5141
Steven James Local Service Provider 615-494-8733
Joshua Love Local Service Provider 615-904-8206
Tyree Nelson Systems Support Specialist 615-898-5927
Gary Beltz Technical Support Specialist 615-898-2016
James Butler Technical Support Specialist 615-904-8104
Franck Mukendi Technical Support Specialist 615-898-5721

Telecommunication Services

Vacant Director, Telecommunication Services    
Emily Harper Assistant Director, Account Services 615-898-2206
David Senior Assistant Director, Telecommunications 615-898-2990
Stacey Smith-Tadlock Secretary 615-898-2991
Sue Alexander Switchboard Operator 615-898-5534
Silvia Fernandes Systems Administrator 615-904-8368
Eric Miller Telecommunications Technician 615-898-5909
Jeremy Simmons Telecommunications Technician 615-898-2960

Enterprise Application Services
Lisa Rogers

Senior Associate Vice President for Information Technology 615-898-2150

Administrative Information Systems Services

James Foster Director, Enterprise Application Services 615-898-5719
John Patterson Assistant Director, AISS 615-898-2148
Ying Ding Senior Systems Analyst 615-898-2190
Eve Jones Senior Systems Analyst 615-898-5022
Phyllis Kitzler Senior Systems Analyst 615-898-5722
Janae Peterson Senior Systems Analyst 615-494-8860
Debbie Warren Senior Systems Analyst 615-898-5964
Valerie Rossman Senior Systems Analyst 615-494-8604
Sandy Petty Senior Systems Analyst 615-898-5388
Joshua Webb Senior Systems Analyst 615 898-5694
Theresa Stevenson Advancement Computing Support Specialist 615-898-2142
JoAnn Batson Systems Analyst 615-898-2143
Charlotte Caruthers Systems Analyst 615-898-2047
Ryan Lau Systems Analyst 615-898-5598
Yen Qualls Systems Analyst 615-898-5034
Chesney Cannon Technical Clerk 615-904-8032
Rosland Grigsby-Rhyne Technical Clerk 615-898-5334

Communication Technologies

Albert Whittenberg Interim Director, Communication Technologies 615-898-5062
John Peden Mobile Application Developer 2  615-898-5630
Alecia Heidt Web Designer 615-898-5413
David Stevenson Web Developer 615-494-8621
Sarah Wilson Web Developer 615-494-8684

Database Administration Services

James Foster Director, Enterprise Application Services 615-898-5719
Jack Head Database Administrator 615-898-5335
Jennifer Benge Database Administrator 615-898-2514 
Tim Taylor Database Administrator 615-898-2512

IT Projects & Portfolio
Name Title Email Phone
Tom Wallace Associate Vice President for IT Projects & Portfolio Mgt.  615 898-2137

Technical Services & Information Security
Chad Mullis Assistant VP for Technical Services 615-494-7647

Network Services

Chris Piety Director, Network Services 615-898-5973
Curt Parish Sr. Network Engineer 615-494-8861
Krista Tollison Sr. Network Engineer 615-904-8269
Bill Shadrake Network Support Specialist 615-898-5333

IT Security

Aaron Schmuhl Director of IT Security 615-898-5273
Matthew Harrell Sr. IT Security Analyst 615-898-5662
Jeremy Sanborn Sr. IT Security Analyst 615-898-2442

Enterprise Server Services

Michael Barton Interim Director, Enterprise Server Services 615-494-7833
John Schmidt Assistant Director, Data Center Services 615-898-2139
Alana Turner Johnson Communications Technology Analyst 615-898- 2677 
Annette Merriman Computer Operations Coordinator 615-898-5204
Gary Gardner Computer Operations Coordinator 615-898-2219
Scott Wilcox Senior Systems Administrator 615-904-8461
Dustin Hampton Senior Systems Administrator 615-494-8638
Jeff McMahan Senior Systems Administrator 615-494-7737
Tom Angle Senior Systems Administrator 615-898-2214
Patrick Hefner Systems Administrator 615-898-5177
Ben Lynch Systems Administrator 615-898-2118
Brad Meyer Systems Administrator 615-904-8300
John Stevens Systems Administrator 615-494-8703

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