Academic and Instructional Technology Services

The Academic & Instructional Technology Services area of the Information Technology Division is dedicated to supporting the teaching / learning and scholarly work needs of the academic community. Today's advanced technologies increase academia's capabilities and demand for instructional design and technology development, course resource development, as well as research and statistical analysis. The Academic & Instructional Technology Services staff is working to meet those needs by providing the following services:


Academic & Instructional Technology Services personnel answer questions about instructional and academic systems. These may include inquiries about instructional design and technology, information accessibility, application software, program compilation, course web page/site development, graphics and other multimedia, and the organization of data files or survey findings. Contact the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (615-604-8189) for help in determining the appropriate team member to answer your questions.

Data Entry Services and Data Transfers

Entering data into the computer for data analysis can be a timely operation. The Information Technology Division can assist with scanning and transfer of data, the upload and download of files, or the transfer of files across the network. Please contact an A&ITS systems analyst at (615) 898-5160 or (615) 898-5220 to discuss your data needs.

Data and Statistical Analysis

User projects requiring data analysis and processing using available software packages are completed as quickly as possible and the results returned to the user. The analysis and processing can be done using any of the existing software packages including SAS, SPSSX, Minitab, LISREL, and BMDP. Contact our Statistical Consultant to assist you with the analysis and processing of your data.

Instructional Design and Technology Development

Academic & Instructional Technology Services provides numerous resources for faculty and staff in the course development and use of instructional technology. Support includes Desire2Learn, workshops, instructional technology innovation grants, project consultation, instructional accessibility reviews, and availability of specialized hardware and software. Instructional design teams help faculty subject matter experts create highly engaging learning environments.  In a partnership with Academic Affairs through the Teaching, Learning and Innovative Technologies Center, team members offer consultations and workshops, reading and writing groups and other professional development services. Instructional Technology and Design Specialists are located in ITD's Faculty Instructional Technology Center (ITD-FITC), second floor of the Telecommunications Building and in the Teaching, Learning and Innovative Technologies Center (LT&ITC) locating in Rm 348, Walker Library.

Programming Services

Sometimes the existing computer software cannot address a user request without special programming. The Systems Analysts assist with the development of custom software for test and evaluation scanning, surveys, databases and more. 

Test Scoring

The Information Technology Division offers optical scanning services for test scoring and survey analysis. Statistical analysis and graphical representation of results are available at the instructors' discretion.  Instructors may get not only test scores but also a wide range of optional statistics and breakdowns such as the class mean and standard deviation, a separate listing for different combinations marked on the student forms, an item analysis that shows a frequency count on each Choice A-E for every question, and a percent correct for each question.

A self-service kiosk, located at the ITD Help Desk in KUC 320 is available for use during the Help Desk’s open hours. For assistance in scoring non-standard forms or for complex analysis, please contact an A&ITS systems analyst at (615) 898-5160 or (615) 898-5220.


Throughout the year, a wide variety of workshops are offered to assist faculty and staff with the use of the available hardware and software resources at MTSU. Special request seminars for classroom enhancement are also provided.