Skype for Business: Audiocodes Handset FAQs

How do I get started with my new telephone?

Refer to the Quick Reference for Handsets.

How do I change my handset PIN?

This PIN is used to login to your handset, as well as logging into dial-in conferences. Visit to reset. Login using your FSA credentials. The username includes the domain, so it should be formatted fsa\username.

How do I place a call on hold, transfer calls, or forward a call?

Refer to the AudioCodes 420 or AudioCodes 440 Quick Reference Guide.

  • Transfer - The transfer button on your handset is an assisted transfer. An assisted transfer allows you to remain on the line to announce the call to the called party. An assisted transfer will not allow you to complete the transfer until the called party answers. A blind transfer allows you to complete the transfer before the called party answers. Refer to the Audiocodes 420 or AudioCodes 440 Quick Reference Guide for more information.
  • Forward - When forwarding calls to another number from the handset, unanswered calls will be routed to the voice mailbox of the party to which you forwarded the call. To send unanswered calls to your voice mailbox, setup a simulatenous ring from the Skype for Business client.

How do I reset my telephone?

Refer to Resetting Your Audiocodes 420/440 Handset.

My phone shows "offline". What should I do?

If your phone shows offline in the upper left corner of the display, use the step-by-step instructions below to sign in:

  • Press the sign in softkey below the display
  • Enter your 4-digit extension for the phone number
  • Press the down button on the navigational wheel (below the "OK" button)
  • Enter your PIN (This is NOT your voice mail PIN. It is your handset/conferencing PIN. See instructions above for changing your handset PIN, if this PIN is not known.)
  • Press the sign in softkey below the display