He Said...She Said: Understanding Relationships

“Knowledge is power” said Sir Francis Bacon. In relationships with the opposite sex knowledge can be very helpful and sometimes even saving to the relationship. We are often puzzled by the way the opposite gender thinks and even more by the way they behave (or don’t behave). Why do women like to use the restroom in groups? Why don’t men call when they say they will?  Why are women so affected by what other women are saying and thinking about them?  Why are some men resistant to long-term commitment?

This presentation examines the male and female chemistry in an attempt to help both males and females understand themselves better as well as the other sex. Healthy relationships are crucial to living a great life and college is the training ground for establishing your self-identity and learning what you are looking for from somebody else in an intimate relationship. This workshop is a lesson in gender communication and a boost to individual confidence.