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LGBT+ Students and Allies

Campus Resources for LGBT+ Students

All Gender Facilities

restroom sign

The following is a list of publicly accessible single-user facilities located on MTSU’s campus, separated by type. Currently MTSU is home to over fifty of these facilities. Many of these facilities are labeled with all-gender signage, like the one pictured on this page, however there are all-gender restrooms on our campus with variations of this sign. Additionally, while some of the facilities below are marked with gender specific (male/female) signage, we have chosen to include them as a resource here because they only accommodate one person at a time and all have a lock on the door. If you know of any additional All-gender facilities located on campus, or have any questions regarding this list, please send us an email [email protected].

Safe Zone Departments

Single user facility with all-gender or generic restroom signage

Single user facility with gender specific signage

  • Academic Classroom Building
    • All 3 floors
  • Alumni Memorial Gym
    • First floor (basement), east entrance, across from 107
    • First floor (basement), east entrance, beside room 103
    • South side of AMG, next to tunnel to Murphy Center on the AMG side of tunnel. Marked as room 181. This restroom is equipped with a shower.
  • Boutwell Dramatic Arts (BDA)
    • Tucker theater lobby, south side
      • This restroom is only accessible during events.
  • College of Education Building (COE)
    • First floor near base of main stairwell
  • Davis Science Building
    • First floor, across from room 115
  • James Union Building (JUB)
    • First floor (basement), across the hall from the Faculty Senate Room
    • Third floor, across from room 306
  • Keathley University Center (KUC)
    • First floor (basement), inside testing center next to room 116E
  • Miller Education Building (MEC)
    • First floor, east side of building, behind the Center for Counseling & Psychological Services. This restroom is equipped with a shower.
      • This restroom may be difficult to locate, but it is publicly accessible & includes a working shower* If you are inside the Center for Counseling & Psychological Services, the staff can let you out their back door to access this restroom; however to re-enter the Center for CPS you must have key card access. If you do not have access to the Center you will need to enter the main MEC entrance which is located in the other half of the MEC. When you enter the main entrance take the elevators to the second floor. Go right out of the elevators & you will see double doors in front of you and the University College offices on your right. Enter the double doors and keep to your LEFT, walk through the atrium area and you will come to another set of double doors. Once inside these double doors, go down the stairwell that is beside room 214, and go down to the first floor. This will bring you to a hallway in the other half of the building, you will see the back door entrance to the Center for CPS on your right when you exit the stairwell, and the restroom at the end of the hall beside the hallway exit door. 
  • Peck Hall (PH)
    • First floor, red entrance by stairwell
    • Second floor, beside room 258
    • Third floor, across from room 312
  • Printing Services Building (PSB)
    • Lobby, next to shop floor door labeled 106
  • ROTC Annex (ROTCX)
    • Lobby, unmarked door by 531 Military Memorial entrance
  • Saunders Fine Arts Building (SFA)
    • First floor, south wing, to the left of the janitors closet across from 115
  • Stark Agribusiness Building (SAG)
    • First floor, near lobby, Room 13
  • Student Union Building (STU)
    • First floor, outside Phillips Bookstore
    • Second floor, next to men’s restroom in the Ballroom lobby
  • University Police (UP)/ Public Safety (PS)
    • First floor lobby
  • Voorhies Engineering Technology Building (VET)
    • First floor, east wing, near room 142. Room 10 is the restroom.
  • Walker Library (LIB)
    • First floor, to the left of Technology Services

  • Ellington Human Sciences (EHS)
    • First floor, central hall, across from Room 11
  • Learning Resources Center (LRC)
    • Two restrooms – Second floor across from 221B, next to 2001 janitor closet
  • McCallie Dining Hall – Corlew Hall (CORL)
    • Two restrooms – First floor, west entrance, lobby entrance to McCallie’s Dining Hall
  • Murphy Center (MC)
    • Two restrooms – First floor (basement), across form women’s basketball office
  • Parking Services (PKS)
    • Two restrooms – Second floor, event coordination hallway
  • Saunders Fine Arts Building (SFA)
    • First floor, across from room 116 – door is labeled “Faculty Ladies”
  • Telecommunications Building (TCM)
    • Two restrooms – First floor lobby, rooms 101 & 103
  • Walker Library (LIB)
    • Two restrooms – inside Starbucks

The following is a list of the publicly accessible single-user restroom facilities that are located within the resident halls on campus. Resident halls equipped with single-user facilities that are not publicly accessible are not listed here. If you live on campus your RA can direct you to a single user facility within your resident hall, if there is one.

  • Smith Hall (SMH)
    • Basement, room 008 behind unmarked door across from room 010
  • Beasley Hall (BH)
    • Two restrooms – First floor, lobby next to B100 entrance
  • Corlew Hall (CORL)
    • Two restrooms – First floor, lobby
  • Deere Hall (DH)
    • First floor, lobby
  • Jim Cummings Hall (JCH)
    • Two restrooms – First floor, lobby
  • Lyon Hall (LH)
    • First floor, inside room 128 (study room)
  • Sims Hall (SIMS)
    • Two restrooms – First floor, lobby room 108A
  • Smith Hall (SMH)
    • First floor, lobby room 161
  • Womack Lane Apartments Central Services Building (CSB)
    • Two restrooms – First floor lobby

  • Campus Recreation Center (REC)
    • There is one All-Gender changing room located in the hallway at the south end of the indoor pool. The room is equipped with a toilet, sink, shower and lockers.

LGBT+ Organizations

  • MT Lambda
    Founded in 1988, MT Lambda is MTSU’s only all-inclusive LGBT+ student organization, and the oldest organization of its kind in the state. Their mission is to provide support to members of the LGBT+ & Allied community at MTSU as well as to educate the student body and surrounding community on relevant LGBT+ issues. The organization hosts weekly meetings during the fall & spring semesters, and is open to all currently enrolled students.


Counseling services are available on campus at:

Support Programs

Support programs for students struggling to meet their basic needs

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