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logoWhat is Safe Zone?

A Safe Zone or Safe Space is a place where all people feel safe, welcome, and included. Safe Zone areas on MTSU’s campus can be easily identified by the presence of an MTSU Safe Zone Emblem. The Safe Zone program aims to increase awareness, knowledge, and skills for individuals and address the challenges that exist when one wants to advocate for their LGBT+ peers, family members, friends, coworkers, and for themselves.

MTSU Safe Zone Program

The MTSU Safe Zone program is a voluntary two and a half hour program created to develop confident, knowledgeable and effective allies of the LGBT+ community. The program was created to develop, enhance and maintain environments that are culturally aware and supportive of LGBT+ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other sexual orientations and gender identities) individuals, as well as straight allies who are passionate about diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Each participant who completes a Safe Zone Training will receive a Safe Zone Emblem upon competition of the program. The Safe Zone Emblem serves a visual message to LGBT+ and Allied students and colleagues that an employee has attended and completed a Safe Zone training at MTSU.

Safe Zone is a community of people who

logo will be understanding, supportive, and trustworthy if LGBT+ people need help, advice, or just someone to talk to.
logo will not tolerate homophobic, transphobic, or heterosexist comments and actions but will address them in an educational and informative manner.
logo have attended the two hour Safe Zone training and have knowledge or information on campus and community resources.

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