Lamp Overview & Objectives

Serving as a LAMP mentor is a great opportunity to represent your department and demonstrate your institutional knowledge. In general, LAMP seeks empathetic and adaptable individuals that wish to make a positive impact in a student’s life. Interested individuals must be willing to learn more, and continuously inform themselves, about campus resources and their department to properly connect and engage new students with information and opportunities. A willingness to relate personal experience to the dreams, goals, and concerns of new students is highly desirable for effective support and guidance.


  • Must have a minimum of a 2.75 cumulative GPA (3.0 cumulative GPA preferred)
  • Must have completed two semesters at MTSU before fall semester begins
  • Attend Mentor Training in the summer and early fall
  • Initiate contact with incoming freshmen during the summer
  • Maintain regular contact with mentees
  • Accumulate 2.5 contact hours a week through
    • Office hours for in-person interaction/video call/call at the LAMP Office, located in CLA Advising Center (Peck Hall 134); or
    • Taking a mentee to a campus resource and helping them learn more about a campus resource; or
    • Attending a university sponsored or CLA sponsored event or activity with a mentee, or a group of mentees, to engage them with the campus and/or community

(Fall) August - December - 15 weeks/2.5 hours per week/$12 per hour
(Spring) January – May - 15 weeks/2.5 hours per week/$12 per hour

Monthy payroll per MTSU Pay Schedule 

Application Timeline

Applications Open - February 27, 2023

Applications Due - April 7, 2023

Interviews - March 27-April 21, 2023

Notification of Selection – April 24, 2023

Training Timeline
Summer Training - Mid-July 2023

Fall Training - Early August 2023