2013 MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Results

High School Team Results (ranked)

Franklin High School T4 (Matthew Rutledge, McKenzie Bottoms, Andie Fisher, Jon McClung) – Gold Medal
Franklin High School T2 (Lauren Souter, Laura Bentley, Hannah White, Rachel Boatwright) – Silver Medal
LaVergne High School T2 (Kimberlee Cooper, Brennan Foy, Brandy Kathavong, Christopher Awounou) – Bronze Medal
Central Magnet T1 (Raleigh Butler, Rory Butler, Susan Beel, Nausheen Qureshi) – Honorable Mention
Central Magnet T3 (Rachel Pedigo, Caleb Andrews, Katie Green, Noah Delk) – Honorable Mention
Franklin High School T1 (Anna Wyer, Tianrui Dong, Hana Aleryani, Rachel Schultz) – Honorable Mention
Ravenwood High School T3 (Zach Glick, Sean Yao, Chris Bridges, Simon Lowen) – Honorable Mention
Ravenwood High School T2 (Christopher Nicastro, A. J. Wei, Jordan Widjaja, Aditya Sathe)- Linguistics Genius Award
Central Magnet T2 (David Horton, Blake Douglas, Maddie Davis)
LaVergne High School T1 (Ben Holder, Bob Miller, Julia Durant, Brooke Massey)
LaVergne High School T3 (Bien Espera, Joy Blair, Karolin Ayoub, Janina Schleuning)
McMinn County High School T3 (Joey Lasure, Brodie Miller, Beth Presley)
Ravenwood High School T1 (George Rucker, Adam Rucker, Jerry O’Dwyer)
Ravenwood High School T4 (Sharon Okseniuk, Jeri Timmons, Jordan Jeffers)
Ravenwood High School T5 (Amy Ouyang, Sonal Khedkar, Jolene Lei, Eman Durrani)
Tullahoma High School T1 (Sabiha Mohyuddin, Heather Daugherty, Brianna Cox, Hollis Bui)

Two-Member Team Results (ranked):
Sequatchie County High School T1 (Bailey Adams, Brent Hurst) – Gold Medal
McMinn County High School T2 (Mayson Liner, Elizabeth Merriman) – Silver Medal
McMinn County High School T1 (Peyton Ingram, Morgan Shamblin) – Bronze Medal

Middle School Team Results (ranked)

Central Magnet Team (Will Moss, Nathan Delk) – Gold Medal
Athens City Middle School (Sara Montgomery, Hailey Parente, Trianna Reed) – Silver Medal
Mountain View Elementary T2 (Ryan Gambill, Brandon Solsbee, Alex Cresswell) – Bronze Medal
Rogers Creek Elementary (Jacob Elkins, Gretchen Morris, Caroline Dodson, Jason Browne) – Honorable Mention
Mountain View Elementary T1 (Alyssa Bohannon, Savannah Stansell)

Individual Competition Results

High School
Jacob Berexa (Ravenwood High School) – Gold Medal
Rohan Tummala (Ravenwood High School) – Silver Medal 

Middle School
Jake Green (Greenway) – Gold Medal
Daniel Adunas (West End Middle School) – Silver Medal
Austin Lane (Algood Middle School) – Bronze Medal

LO 2013

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Eleventh Annual MTSU
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If so, join students from across Tennessee at this year’s MTSU Linguistics Olympiad. 

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When: Saturday, March 16, 2019

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