Name Title Department Phone Email
Andrew Oppmann Vice President and Spokesman Marketing and Communications 615-494-7800
Ed Arning Director of Market Development Creative Marketing Solutions 615-898-2924
David Foster Director of Marketing Marketing and Communications 615-898-5033
John Goodwin Strategic Communications Manager Marketing and Communications 615-494-7954
Jimmy Hart Senior Director  News and Media Relations  615-898-2919
DeAnn Currey Hays  Digital Marketing Specialist  Marketing and Communications 615-494-7715
Tara Hollins Administrative Coordinator to the Vice President Marketing and Communications 615-494-7800
Kara Hooper Senior Director Creative Marketing Solutions 615-494-8693
Joe Poe Video Marketing Specialist Marketing and Communications 615-898-2920
Jack Ross Assistant Vice President/Resource and Operations Management Resource and Operations Management 615-898-2875
Drew Ruble Senior Editor University Publications 615-494-7752
Cathy Sgambati Public Relations Specialist Marketing and Communications 615-898-5348
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