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Administrative Faculty & Staff

Office of the Dean 
Bragg Media and Entertainment Building Room 247 
Tel: 615/904.8490

Mailing Address: 

Middle Tennessee State University
College of Media and Entertainment 
MTSU Box 51 
Murfreesboro, TN 37132 

Dr. Zeny Sarabia-Panol - Interim Dean
Tel: 615/898.2695
Office: Bragg 247,

Dr. Jennifer Woodard - Interim Associate Dean
Tel: 615/898.2766
Office: Bragg 247,

Billy Pittard - Chair, Department of Media Arts 
Tel: 615/898.5867
Office: Bragg 250,

Beverly Keel -  Chair, Department of Recording Industry
Tel: 615/898-5150
Office: Bragg 251,

Dr. Greg Pitts- Director, School of Journalism and Strategic Media
Tel: 615/494.8925
Office: Bragg 249,

Dr. Greg Reish - Director, Center for Popular Music
Tel: 615/898.2453
Office: Bragg 140,

Deborah Fisher -Interim Director, John Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence in First Amendment Studies  
Tel:  615.898.5278
Office:  Bragg 271,                                                                                                                                                  
Val Hoeppner - Director, Center for Innovation in Media/Executive Director, WMOT
Tel: 615.898.2337
Office:  Bragg 110A,      
Ken Blake - Director, Office of Communication Research   
Tel:  615.898.2204

Office: Bragg 224, 

Lisa McCann - Executive Secretary
Tel: 615/898.5872
Office: Bragg 247,

Rachel Helms - Assistant to the Dean
Tel: 615/898.5171
Office: Bragg 247,

Tiffany Milfort - Manager, Student Success Center (Advising)
Tel: 615/898.7998
Office: Bragg 230,

Janet Billingsley - Graduation Coordinator
Tel: 615/898.2159

Department Information

School Of Journalism and Strategic Media 
Tel: 615/898.2814
Office: Bragg 249,

Department of Media Arts
Tel: 615/898.5628
Office: Bragg 250,

Department of Recording Industry
Tel: 615/898.2578
Office: Bragg 251, 

Graduate Studies - MS

Tel: 615/898.5420 
Office: Bragg 271D,

Graduate Studies - MFA
Tel: 615/898.5874
Office: Bragg 271D,


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