Greetings from the Dean of the College of Media and Entertainment


Engage the world.

That’s our hope for all of our students at the College of Media and Entertainment at Middle Tennessee State University.

We want our students to have a global perspective and the knowledge they need to pursue their careers with confidence and creativity.

The College of Media and Entertainment is a singular institution that embraces an extraordinarily wide range of media. Our students pursue educations in journalism, public relations, broadcasting, film, animation, photography, the music business, audio engineering and songwriting, among other rich and rewarding fields.

Everything that informs, entertains, educates and engages is within our four walls, giving our students a remarkable array of learning opportunities.

For years, our school was known as the College of Mass Communication, but that era has passed. The media world isn’t driven by mass communication anymore; it’s now all about targeted audiences, tailored content and strategic audience-building.

Though traditional media have been buffeted by digital technology, there’s more media being consumed around the world today than at any other time in history. Traditional media have been challenged and changed by tens of thousands of content providers.

So the rebooted College of Media and Entertainment will strive to give students the skills and insights they’ll need to serve audiences on multiple platforms. That means learning to communicate effectively through words, audio and video.

It also means coming to grips with change. The most important traits we can instill in our students is a receptivity to change and a comfort level with technology. While earlier generations left college with a pretty good sense of how their careers would unfold, today’s college students need to be able to say ‘Bring it on.”

That will take confidence. And preparation. And a well-rounded education that prepares every student for both a profession and a rewarding life.

Every college – regardless of subject and focus - has the obligation to ensure that it’s teaching for the future. The same digital disruption that has rocked the news media, the music industry, retailers and travel agencies is headed our way.

There are traditional values that must be protected on America’s campuses, including academic freedom, a commitment to research, respect for diversity and an insistence upon integrity. But there’s also ample opportunity to question tradition and take a fresh look at what we do and how we do it.

Over the past half-century of media, we’ve seen the rise and fall of 8-tracks, Laserdiscs, Mini-discs, VCRs, pagers and Pong. But if we’re to embrace and outrace change, colleges need to be as contemporary as possible, incorporating the latest technology, encouraging innovation and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. Change certainly poses challenges, but it also invigorates and inspires. Bring it on.

Ken Paulson 



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