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Supercharge your education with opportunities in student organizations

Student organizations can play a critical role in every student’s success. They go beyond formal curriculum to provide students with opportunities to gain relevant experience, develop résumé points, build portfolio items, and socialize with like-minded peers. Anyone enrolled at MTSU can join any official student organization regardless of major or grade. The most successful students often use student organizations to get a jump on their careers. Besides that – it can also be a lot of fun!

There is a student organization for every major in the Department of Media Arts. Find something for yourself in the list below.

Blue Raider Social Media Marketing ClubBlue Raider Social Media Marketing Club Logo

The purpose of Blue Raider Social Media Marketing is to gain experience, educate our members, and explore the social media marketing world.

For more information, email Todd O'NeillBlue Raider Social Media Marketing Club Advisor


MT10 logo

MT10 is MTSU’s student-run television station. MT10 gives students opportunities to work on camera, behind the scenes, and in managerial positions creating programming and operating a television station. Members have three types of opportunities for participation and involvement: 1) leadership as an officer or manager, 2) participation with the stations live news programs, and 3) participation with the stations entertainment programs.

MT10 airs a wide variety of original programming. The broad range of experience received at MT10 has helped propel students into careers as Emmy-winning news reporters, editors, producers, production personnel and entrepreneurs.

The station also broadcasts a variety of entertainment programming such as a workout show, sports talk shows, a magazine morning show, a late night talk show, musical performance programs, game shows and other student-produced programming.

For more information, email Robert GordonMT10 Advisor 

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  • Watch the station:
    • Comcast channel 10 in Rutherford County, TN



The MTSU ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter is an official chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH, the world’s largest organization for computer graphics and interactivity. The chapter is for those with interests and passion in animation, video games, computer graphics, films, visual effects, television, web, anime and all related things. Weekly meeting include guest speakers, workshops, contests, portfolio work, group film trips, lots of networking opportunities and much more. This is the student organization for Animation majors serious about their future careers.

For more information, email Kevin McNultyMTSU ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter Advisor

MTSU Cinema Club

MTSU Cinema Club LogoThe MTSU Cinema Club is an organization created to promote the art form of film from technical, artistic, and cultural aspects. Each week members will meet to watch a film and then discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and overall importance.

For more information, email Eddie Bowen, MTSU Cinema Club Advisor

MTSU eSportsMTSU eSport Logo

Gaming has become less of a pastime and more of a lifestyle! MTSU Esports offers students and faculty the opportunity to join a community fit for gamers and geeks alike. While we enjoy playing recreationally, we also provide our members the opportunity to play their favorite video games competitively against other universities. Some of the popular games that we play include League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and many more. Regardless of the game, we encourage all gamers to join, as we all have a passion and love for gaming.

For more information, email Richard LewisMTSU eSports Advisor

MTSU Film GuildMTSU Film Guild logo

The MTSU Film Guild is a group of student filmmakers dedicated to developing the skills necessary to pursue careers in the movie industry. The group consists of writers, directors, producers, gear heads, wardrobe, makeup, production design, sound engineers, editors, special effects, public relations, actors, and so much more.

The Film Guild brings together undergrads, alumni, and professionals to give students— who frequently begin with zero experience— the opportunity to participate in every aspect of movie production.

The MTSU Film Guild has produced over a dozen professional-grade student video projects for over five years. Directors pitch their projects ideas each semester in order to get funding and crew members to carry out their projects.

For more information, email Eddie Bowen, MTSU Film Guild Adviser

MTSU Photo Society logoMTSU Photo Society

The MTSU Photo Society brings together the community of photography students, faculty, alumni, and local amateurs to share work, discuss issues in photography, connect with each other, and promote excellence in photography.

For more information, email Shannon RandolMTSU Photo Society Advisor

Women in Film - MTSUWomen in Film - MTSU Logo

We're dedicated to the representation of women & minorities in the media industry, bringing light to those in the shadows & magnifying their voices.

For more information, email Allie SultanWomen in Film - MTSU Advisor

VR-AR Club VR-AR Club Logo

The VR-AR Club strives to create a learning space driven by students focused on the development of technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. The club offers a range of activities including speakers, software and hardware demonstrations, networking, social events, and project development to encourage independent and group learning. The club meets once a week in a friendly space to promote fun and inspiration. 

For more information, email Rodrigo Gomez, VR-AR Club Advisor

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