Robert R. Boyd

Robert R. Boyd died near Swan Loc, Hua Nghia Province, South Vietnam on May 17, 1967 from a small shrapnel fragment to the chest. During the final stages evacuating a fire support base, the enemy began lobbing mortar rounds into the dismantled camp. The confusion from the prop wash and noise of the large Chinhook helicopters created confusion that allowed several rounds to hit before the remaining soldiers realized they were under attack. Many of the defensive positions used for shelter had been filled, leaving the troops in the open for fifteen minutes before close air support suppressed the enemy fire. Boyd, "A"; Battery Commander, 3/319th Artillery, 173rd Airborne Brigade, was the lone KIA, although many were seriously wounded. He had earlier received the Bronze Star for Valor for directing fire while exposed to hostile fire for five hours. According to a friend, Bob was on his second tour of duty in Vietnam. When asked as to why he wanted to return to Vietnam for another tour, he replied that his experience might save the lives of others.


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