William J. McCrory

William J. McCrory (Class of 1941), nicknamed "Ug"; by his peers, was an awe-inspiring figure on campus. His toughness, handsome features, and his participation in choir, drama, baseball, and football made him the toast of the campus. He joined the U.S. Marines, serving in 1/9, 3rd Marine Division. Hitting the beach at Iwo Jima in February 1945, witnesses "explained that [McCrory's] company had suffered many casualties during a vicious all-day attack against a formidable enemy defense. They said that prior to digging in for the night, Capt. McCrory learned that the company's right flank was exposed, presenting a serious defensive problem. He made a complete survey under intense small arms, mortar, and artillery fire, and so arranged the defensive position that the troops were afforded ample protection. While returning to his foxhole after the mission, he was hit by a shell fragment. Comrades ran to his rescue but his death was almost instantaneous."


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