Semester Offered
ACTG 6100* Accounting and Legal Issues For Managers; 3 credit hours Spring & Summer
BCED 6820 Managerial Communication; 3 credit hours Fall, Spring, & Summer
BCED 6910** Internship; 3 credit hours Fall, Spring, & Summer
MGMT 6740 Leadership and Motivation; 3 credit hours Fall, Spring, & Summer
STAT 5140 Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning; 3 credit hours Fall, Spring, & Summer


  * Email Lora Nethercutt and request permission.  Please provide M#, expected graduate date, and which session if requesting summer registration.

** Must meet eligibility requirements and submit paperwork to Dr. Robert B. Blair.  Internships should take place the last or next to last semester before graduation.

NOTE:  This information is based on previous semester offerings.  Scheduling is subject to change.


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