Register for ACTG 6100, BCED 6910, BIA 6910, HCI 6420, INFS 6300, MBAI 6835, MBAI 6905, and Other Permissions

ACTG 6100 and HCI 6420:  Email Lora Nethercutt and request permission.  Please provide M#, expected graduate date, and which session if requesting summer registration.

BIA 6910, INFS 6300 and MBAI 6835:  Students will need to send an email to  Include M#, course number and CRN, and error message they are getting when they try to register.

MBAI 6905:  Please register for BIA 6905.  This is the same class.  The MBAI sections are reserved for MBA students.  

BCED 6910:  To be allowed to register for BCED 6910, you must complete the following.
1.  Be sure you meet eligibility requirements.
2.  Complete the Student Internship Application form, which includes getting your concentration advisor/coordinator's           signature for approval.
3.  Have your internship employer complete the Employer Data Sheet.
4.  Submit both to Dr. Robert B. Blair
5.  Once your application has been accepted, Dr. Robert B. Blair will allow you to register for BCED 6910.

Other Permission:  Contact the department offering the course for any needed overrides.


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