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New Student Orientation

Tuesday, January 21, 2020;  3:00-4:00 - SCI 1190

MSPS Club Meetings

Tuesday, February 4, 2020;  3:00-4:00 - SCI 1190
Tuesday, March 3, 2020;  3:00-4:00 - SCI 1190
Tuesday, April 7, 2020;  3;00-4:00 - SCI 1190

 MSPS Internship Presentation Day!

Thursday, April 30, 2020;  8:00AM-5:00PM - SCI 1003
Thursday, August 6, 2020;  8:00AM-5:00PM - SCI 1003
Thursday, December 3, 2020;  8:00AM-5:00PM - SCI 1003

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Must-Do's for MSPS Students

First Semester

  • You must complete an Advising Form with your coordinator:  you cannot register for classes for your second semester until this is completed.
  • You must attend the  MSPS Student Orientation.
  • If you have any outstanding paperwork with Graduate Studies, including delayed official degree evaluations, GRE scores, etc, these must be resolved for you to register for classes for your second semester.

Second Year (>= 18 hours completed) 

  • All second-year students are expected to attend each MSPS Internship Presentation Day event and bring copies of their resumes for networking.  
  • Students are expected to research and be familiar with their industry, including developing relationships with local industry leaders, groups, societies, etc.  Students who do not network do not find internships easily.  
  • Schedule an appointment with the Graduate Coordinator to develop an internship search plan at least one semester before your planned internship.  

Final Semester

  • At the beginning of your final semester, you must fill out an Intent to Graduate form.  
  • All Internship students are expected to attend the entire day of Internship Presentations.

Additional Important Information

  • Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher or risk academic probation and, eventually, suspension.  Students whose GPA drops below 3.0 must immediately set up an apointment with their coordinator to map out a plan to raise it and address any issues.  
  • Only 2 C's can count towards your degree.
  • Repeating a course does not replace the previous grade for that course:  students must complete paperwork with their coordinator to replace a course grade.  This can only be done twice, and only one time per course (ie, you cannot use your 2 repeats on the same course). 


Registration Issues

I have been purged from my classes. What do I do?

You will be purged from your classes if you have not paid your tuition by the fee payment deadline. Make sure you are aware of the date fees are to be paid when you register for your classes. In most cases, you may register again a few days later; however, there may be a late fee charged if you are past the last day of registration.

I am having trouble registering for classes. Who do I contact?

You are urged to communicate at least once a semester with your concentration coordinator for curriculum advising, problem solving and degree planning. This prevents many scheduling problems. However it is normal to encounter registration restrictions on classes in either your concentration core or business core. When asking for registration help, provide the course number (ex: STAT 5140), CRN number (5-digit number associated with the course listing in Pipeline) and type of error message you receive when attempting to register (ex: Restricted by Program). 

Depending on the course, please contact the appropriate MSPS individual for assistance as recommended:

Concentration Classes - For courses specific to your field of study, contact the class instructor first.  If you have registration errors, you should contact and/or your concentration coordinator.

Business Core Classes - For business core courses, this varies. Contact the individual as instructed below.

How many hours of coursework are required for the degree?

Each concentration requires 36 hours of coursework toward the degree. Prior to the completion of 24 credit hours each student's degree plan must be approved by advisor and filed with the College of Graduate Studies.


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