The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 

MTSU is participating in the spring cycle of the National Survey of Student Engagement (2021). The university has participated in the NSSE on 10 other occasions since 2004, and student feedback has played an essential role in shaping how the university allocated its resources. Administrators, faculty, and staff gain valuable insight into the academic experiences of students from survey data, so the greater the number of students responding (response rate) to the survey, the greater the chances of accurately capturing the experiences of a diverse student body.

NSSE measures undergraduate student participation in programs and activities provided to promote learning and personal development. MTSU uses the survey results to better understand how students connect with the university and to identify gaps interfering with students' progression to completing their program. The university uses this information to develop and to implement effective programs and practices to guide curriculum development and co-curricular program design. MTSU’s participation in NSSE is part of a coordinated set of strategies designed to enhance the undergraduate experience for all MTSU students, including improving retention, semester-to-semester persistence, and graduation rates.

Participation in the NSSE is 100% voluntary, and as first-year students and seniors, you have the unique opportunity to impact and improve the academic journey of future MTSU students. This is your opportunity to be heard.

Why should I complete NSSE?

  • The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete
  • NSSE offers students a chance to be heard
  • Positively impact future generations of students
  • You could win a pair of Apple AirPods

MTSU is waiting to hear from you!