Internal Funding Opportunities

To facilitate the conduct of research, scholarship, and creative projects by its faculty and students, the University has numerous on-going initiatives which are designed to seed-fund competitive projects/proposals. If you need additional help in identifying funding in your discipline or need some individualized support to develop a competitive grant proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here or by calling the ORS at 615-898-5010.

For Faculty

Campus Grant Funding:

Faculty Research and Creative Projects Committee:
Grants to support research and creative projects of individual or collaborative groups of full-time faculty through academic year support, summer salary, or both.

Grants Administered by the Provost's Office:
These opportunities for faculty are available through the Provost's Office. 

Curriculum Integration Grants: 
Three summer grants in the amount of $1,800 each are available for the integration of the experiences and perspectives of women into the curriculum.

Public Service Grants:
Grants support projects and activities that enhance the university's public service mission.

Special Projects:
Annual grants up to $25,000 to fund a special project pursued by a full-time faculty member at the University. The object of the award is to fund a project that brings acclaim to the University.

ORSP Discretionary Funding:
ORSP Funding Request Form - Limited funds are available to support faculty activity that will lead to or augment sponsored research, service, and instruction. Activity supported includes travel, equipment and supplies, and student research assistants. ORS also provides matching funds, voluntary or required, for external grants and contracts. Feel free to contact Jeffry Porter, Director, at 615-898-5010.


Distinguished Creative Activity Award:
Each year, faculty members at MTSU nominate their peers for this distinguished award. This award recognizes creative achievement defined as "original, imaginative works of artistic merit as distinguished from empirical/analytical works of scholarly research."; This award also carries a monetary honorarium from the MTSU Foundation.

Distinguished Research Awards:
Each year, faculty members at MTSU nominate their peers for two Distinguished Research Awards. This award recognizes research achievement defined as "original creative scholarly activity, which generates new knowledge, product or application."; This award generally represents the combined results of a systematic research program. This award carries a monetary honorarium from the MTSU Foundation.

Career Achievement Award:
Each year, this award recognizes one faculty member each year who, during the course of his or her career, has exhibited profound, sustained, and high quality contributions to the university and the profession in a variety of areas.

Outstanding Teacher Award:
Each year, faculty members at MTSU nominate their peers for this distinguished award which recognizes outstanding teaching. This award carries a monetary honorarium from the MTSU Foundation.

Public Service Awards:
These awards are given to faculty to support activities that provide service to the community, region, state, or nation, within the bounds of the University mission as executed by its departments. These activities are commonly included under the headings of extension, continuing education, community service, adult education, and consultation.

Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Award:
This award honors three faculty members each year who have demonstrated excellence in the development of technology-based teaching materials and in the integration of instructional technology into the classroom. This award carries a monetary honorarium from the MTSU Foundation.

For Students

Graduate Assistantships:
Awarded to over 250 graduate students each year who meet stringent criterion for continued academic excellence.

Graduate Student Travel Funding:
Application for travel funding

Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships:
Several opportunities are available to support graduate students.

Undergraduate Research Center
This Center encourage MTSU undergraduate students to get involved in research/creative projects at all stages of their undergraduate careers. A competitive stipend is provided to support this initiative.