Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a prescription filled that was written by a physician outside of MTSU?

Yes, we gladly accept outside prescriptions. Prescriptions may be:

  • called in by the provider (615-494-8888 or faxed in to 615-494-8700)
  • sent electronically by provider to MTSU Campus Pharmacy
  • brought in by the patient

Are all prescription medications available at the Pharmacy?

The pharmacy does not stock every medication. We are able to order medications and receive them in one to two days.

If I have a reaction to prescribed medication, can I return it to the Pharmacy for credit?

Tennessee Law prevents us from reissuing any medication that was previously dispensed to a patient since we cannot guarantee that it had been properly stored or is not contaminated. Therefore, we cannot issue credit for medications returned to the pharmacy, although we will be happy to dispose of the medication for you.

Can someone else pick up my medications for me?

Yes, although we ask that patients call the Pharmacy ahead of time and inform us as to the name of the person who will be picking up their prescription. Proper photo ID is required upon request when picking up the prescriptions.

May I get prescription refills during a semester for which I am not enrolled or have already graduated?

No. MTSU Campus Pharmacy is only open to currently enrolled students, faculty, staff and their dependents. There is a 30 day grace period to use our pharmacy after you are no longer enrolled in classes.

Does the pharmacy mail prescriptions?

At this time the Pharmacy is unable to mail prescriptions to patients.

Can I call in my refills?

Yes, we encourage you to order refills in advance. You can request refills by using our automated telephone system (615-494-8888) or by completing the refill order form.

We do not automatically refill your prescriptions, nor do we call or text when your prescription is ready.

What insurance do you accept?

The Pharmacy accepts most major prescription plans. Please present your prescription benefit card when you drop off your prescription.

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