Phi Kappa Phi Faculty, Staff & Honorary Members

Name Initiation Date Service/Position
Mrs. Judy Albakry FA 19 Honors College Advisor
Ms. Nancy Allen FA 08  
Dr. Maria  Bachman SP 17 Professor, English
Mr. William Joseph "Joe" Bales FA 05 VP Univesity Advancement
Dr. Bradley "Brad" Bartel   Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Dean Mike Boyle FA 06 Professor, University Studies
Mayor Tommy Bragg SP 07  
Ms. Mitzi Brandon   Specialist, Curriculum Review/Provost
Dr. Mark Byrnes FA 97 Provost
Mrs. Sandra Campbell FA 19 Executive Secretary to Honors College
Dr. Robert Carlton SP 04  
Dr. Thomas Cheatham SP 03  
Dr. Oscar Diaz-Ortiz   Professor, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Col. Wayne Dillingham SP 75 MTEC Advisor
Dr. Wandi Ding SP 03 Professor, Math Sciences
Dr. Mary Evins FA 19 Research Professor
Dr. Bichaka Fayissa   Professor of Economics and Finance
Dr. Robert "Bud" Fischer SP 20 Dean, College of Basic and Applied Sciences
Dr. Saeed Foroudastan   Associate Dean, Basic and Applied Sciences
Dr. Judith Iriarte-Gross FA 00 Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Amy Jetton   Associate Professor of Biology
Ms. Linda M. Jordan FA 93 Coordinator of Facilities Services
Ms. Kathy Kano SP 04 Coordinator for Financial Management
Dr. Nancy Kelker   Professor of Art and Design
Ms. Janet  Kelly FA 02  
Dr. Padgett Kelly    
Dr. Rebekka King FA 20 Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Dr. Lucy Langworthy FA 89 Assistant to Dean of Liberal Arts
Ms. Gina Logue FA 08 Producer, News and Media Relations
Dr. Brenden Martin   Professor of History
Dr. Mary Kathryn Mathis SP 88  
President Sidney McPhee   President of MTSU
Dean Ken Paulson FA 15 Professor, Free Speech Center
Dr. Philip Phillips FA 11 Associate Dean, University Honors College
Mrs. Marsha Powers SP 20 Coordinator of Special Projects and Publications for Honors College
Mr. Will  Pritchett    
Dr. Melinda Richards    
Dr. Dianna Rust FA 14 Professor, University Studies
Dr. Debra Sells FA 02 Vice President of Student Affairs
Dr. Richard Sluder SP 20 Vice Provost for Student Success
Dr. Daniel Smith FA 20 Director of Political Economy Research Institute, Associate Professor
Dr. Kim Sokoya FA 19 Assocaite Dean for Graduate and Executive Education
Mr. Rick Stockstill SP 10 Coach for MTSU Football
Dr. Thomas Tang   Professor of Management
Dr. Paula Thomas   Professor of Accounting
Dr. Earl Thomas   Professor of Management
Dr. Cheryl Torsney SP 82 Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Dean David Urban SP 18 Dean, College of Business
Dean John Vile SP 95 Dean, University Honors College
Dr. Dennis Walsh   Associate Professor of Math Sciences
Dr. Terry Weeks    
Dr. Raholanda  White   Professor of Marketing