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MCA Records video tapes

Accession Numbers


Physical Description

22 three-quarter inch video cassette tapes (VCT-0144A/-)        

20 half inch video cassette tapes (VCH-0144A/-)



Provenance and Acquisition Information

These tapes were given to the Center by MCA Records in April 1991 and August 1992. This is an open group and additional tapes may be received later.  

Scope and Content

This group consists of promotional video tapes, prepared primarily for use on music television networks and not normally available for purchase, featuring performers who recorded for MCA. A few tapes include interviews with/profiles of the artist in addition to the musical presentation.      

Video tape list

Acoustic Alchemy "Casino" (VCT-0144A)

Anderson, John "Down in the Orange Grove" (VCH-0144C)

Anderson, John "Who's Lovin' My Baby" (VCT-0144B)

Bellamy Brothers "I Could Be Persuaded" (VCH-0144A)

Bellamy Brothers "You'll Never Be Sorry" (VCH-0144B)

Campbell, Glen "Light Years" (VCH-0144C)

Cartwright, Lionel "Say It's Not True" (VCT-0144C)

Collie, Mark "Hardin County Line" (VCT-0144D)

Collie, Mark "Looks Aren't Everything" (VCT-0144E)

Collie, Mark "Something With A Ring To It" (VCT-0144F)

Dalton, Lacy J. "I'm A Survivor" (VCT-0144I)

Desert Rose Band "In Another Lifetime" (VCT-0144G)

Earle, Steve "Copper Head Road" (VCH-0144D)

Earle, Steve "Guitar Town"(VCT-0144H)

Ewing, Skip "If A Man Could Live On Love Alone" (VCH-0144F)

Ewing, Skip "The Gospel According to Luke" (VCH-0144E)

Ewing, Skip "Your Memory Wins Again"/"I Don't Have Far to

Fall" (VCH-0144G)

Gill, Vince "Never Knew Lonely" (VCT-0144J)

Greenwood, Lee "Home To Alaska"/"The Making of Home To

Alaska" (VCH-0144H)

Griffith, Nanci "I Knew Love" (VCH-0144M)

Griffith, Nancy "From A Distance" (VCH-0144I)

Harms, Joni "The Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes"(VCT-0144I)

Highway 101 "Honkey Tonk Heart"(VCT-0144T)

Hope, Bob/McEntire, Reba "Silver Bells" (VCH-0144J)

House, James "Hard Times For An Honest Man" (VCT-0144K)

Jarvis, John "Wide Open Spaces" (VCH-0144K)

Kelley, Irene "A Rock And A Rolling Stone" (VCH-0144L)

Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers "I Might Be What You're

Looking For" (VCT-0144I)

Loveless, Patty "Chains" (VCT-0144L)

Loveless, Patty "If My Heart Had Windows" (VCH-0144M)

Lovett, Lyle "She's No Lady" (VCH-0144M)

McEntire, Reba "Cathy"s Clown" (VCT-0144M)

McEntire, Reba/Hope, Bob "Silver Bells" (VCH-0144J)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "The Rest of the Dream" (VCT-0144N)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "When It's Gone" (VCH-0144N)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" (VCT-0144O)

Nunley, Country Bill "I'll Know the Good Times" (VCT-0144P)

Oak Ridge Boys "Beyond Those Years" (VCT-0144Q)

Oak Ridge Boys "Juliet" (VCH-0144O)

Oak Ridge Boys "No Matter How High" (VCT-0144R)

Perkins, Carl "Hambone" (VCT-0144S)

Riders In the Sky "Ghost Riders in the Sky"/"Concerto for Violin

and Longhorns" (VCH-0144P)

Rogers, Kenny "Planet Texas" (VCT-0144T)

Stuart, Marty "Hillbilly Rock"(VCT-0144U)

Thornton, Marsha "A Bottle of Wine and Patsy Cline" (VCH-0144Q)

Thornton, Marsha "Maybe the Moon Will Shine" (VCH-0144R)

Wariner, Steve "I Should Be With You" (VCH-0144T)

Wariner, Steve "The Domino Theory" (VCH-0144S)

Wild Rose "Breakin' New Ground"/Profile (VCT-0144V)  


Archival audio visual materials are filed first by format, then by tape number in the audio visual archives.  

Related Materials

Any commercial (i.e. available for sale to the public) video tapes of these which the Center holds are filed by artist/title with other commercial video tapes.


Country music


MCA Records


Acoustic Alchemy, Anderson, John, Bellamy Brothers, Campbell, Glen, Cartwright, Lionel, Collie, Mark, Dalton, Lacy J., Desert Rose Band, Earle, Steve, Ewing, Skip, Gill, Vince, Greenwood, Lee, Griffith, Nanci, Harms, Joni, Highway 101, Hope, Bob, McEntire, Reba, House, James, Jarvis, John, Kelley, Irene, Gatlin, Larry, Gatlin Brothers, Loveless, Patty, Lovett, Lyle, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Nunley, Country Bill, Oak Ridge Boys, Perkins, Carl, Riders in the Sky, Rogers, Kenny, Stuart, Marty, Thornton, Marsha, Wariner, Steve, Wild Rose

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