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Anna J. Strohman gospel songbook collection

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65 gospel music songbooks and books used to teach and study music and 3 pieces of sheet music by Dallas Turner.



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Anna J. Strohman was born June 30, 1901 and was a resident of Buechel and Louisville Kentucky. Strohman died September 2, 1989.


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Sheet Music


Heavens Gonna be my Home 001004-CPMSM

My Wife and Our Baby 001005-CPMSM

Old Mourners Bench 001006-CPMSM



Updated 14 August 2007




Center for Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State University


This collection documents one aspect of the life of music teacher Anna J. Strohman between the years 1911 and 1966. Materials include gospel songbooks and printed sheet music.


Physical description:

65 printed volumes

3 sheet music



All of the gospel songbooks listed above are filed in the gospel songbook series within the special collection scores; location numbers are given above or on the title list which follows. Other books received with this collection were transferred to the librarian. The sheet music is filed in the Center for Popular Music‑Small collection.



Original order has not been maintained; materials have been processed according to the Center for Popular Musics cataloging procedures. The items in this collection are individually catalogued in the Centers InMagic database.



The Center holds a number of other gospel songbooks by the publishers listed. All songbooks are searchable by accession number or title in the Centers InMagic database.



Collection of gospel music songbooks and books used for music teaching and study, some of which bear address stamps of Anna J. Strohman of Buechel and Louisville Kentucky. It is not clear whether all of the materials belonged to Mrs. Strohman.

Included are 37 gospel songbooks by African‑American publishers (SP‑001310‑001351), primarily based in Chicago IL, and a gospel songbook of spirituals published by Rodeheaver, Hall‑Mack (SP‑001350). These are listed by publisher and title on the following pages.

Also included are gospel songbooks published by John T. Benson (SP‑001300‑001304, SP‑001306‑001308), Albert E. Brumley (SP‑0001296), Denson Music (SP‑001309), Fleming H. Revell (SP‑001298), Lillenas Publishing (SP‑001305, SP‑001299), Stamps‑Baxter (SP‑001294), Standard Publishing (SP‑001289), R.E. Winsett (SP‑001291‑001293), the Baptist Young People's Union (SP‑001297), and the Pentecostal Union (SP‑001295); a gospel songbook (SP‑001296) and 3 pieces of sheet music by Dallas Turner, "America's Cowboy Evangelist"; 6 books used for music teaching and study including Zordan's Piano Accordion Junior Method published by Antonio Zordan; and sheet music for "Someone to Care".







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