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Printing Plates Collection

Accession Numbers

05-023, 14-054

Type of Material

Metal Printing Plates

Physical Description

18 boxes of rare book and sheet music printing plates, totaling 131 plates


circa 1911-1969

Abstract (Descriptive Summary)

This collection includes 129 metal printing plates for rare books and 2 for sheet music. The rare book plates are mainly for hymnal tunes, many of them in shape-note format. The sheet music plates are for a cover and a first page printed by the A.J. Stasny Music Company.



All materials in this collection are subject to standard national and international copyright laws. Center staff are able to assist with copyright questions for this material.

Boxes marked [OXIDIZED] pose severe health concerns to patrons due to the oxidation of the metal access is only allowed via permission of the Center Archivist. 

Provenance and Acquisition Information

This in an artificially assembled collection that has drawn materials from two sources. The rare book printing plates come from the Charles K. Wolfe Manuscript Collection (05-023). Dr. Wolfes widow, Mary Dean Wolfe, donated the plates following the death of her husband in 2006. The folio and sheet music printing plates were included with the Paul A. Riseman Collection (14-054). These materials were donated to the Center by Mr. Risemans widow, Wanda Riseman, in March of 2015.

Scope and Content

This collection contains metal printing plates used for rare book and sheet music printing. Series 1 includes 54 printing plates of hymnal tunes, many of which are in shape note format, from circa 1937-1969. Several plates have songs that were written and/or printed by Mr. M.H. Woodard, who had a very successful family printing business of gospel music books. Series 2 also contains 73 hymnal tunes of the same nature as Series 1; however, these printing plates are mounted on wooden blocks. Boxes 5-9 of this series are oxidized and have been separated from the other mounted plates due to health risks.

Series 3 contains 2 folio printing plates used by the A.J. Stasny Music Company. This series contains a plate for an advertisement for two other books published by the Stasny Company and a cover plate for Al Bernards Modern Spirituals. Series 4 includes 2 sheet music printing plates. One plate is for the first page of Thurston (March & Two-Step) by Anthony J. Stasny, published in 1911 by the A.J. Stasny Music Company. The second is the cover page for The Clarinet Polka (Will Tingle-Ingle in Your Heart), also published by Stasny Music.


Collection Contents (Folder/Box List)

18 boxes total. 4 series.

Series 1 - Rare Book Printing Plates (alphabetical)

Box 1

Are You Ready to Go - Rev. Carl Loy (1965)
Awake and Sing
The Beautiful City - Rev. Dr. James L. Lowe (1965)
Beautiful Haven - M.H. Woodard (1965)
Beautiful Home Awaiting - N. Poley Hardwick (1965)
Be Not Weary - M.H. Woodard (1956)
Beyond the Hills is Home - H.A. Hardin
Christ Jesus Leads - Lonnie E. Hardin (1965)

Box 2

Christ Will Come Again - William R. Wallace (1965)
The Crystal River - M.H. Woodard (1957)
Every Moment - L.L. Hornsby (1965)
God Is Good - M.H. Woodard (1965)
God's Tender Mercies - T.E. Woodard (1965)
Glory Revealed - Rev. Carl Loy (1965)
Heavenly Father - T.E. Woodward (1965)
He'll Give You Comfort - Gordon Terrell (1965)

Box 3

He's Coming Back Again - N. Poley Hardwick (1965)
The Highway of Life - Rev. J.D. Vardaman (1965)
The Hill Top of Glory - C.B. Woodard (1965)
Hold On - Viba Munden Nixon (1965)
The Homeland Is Drawing Near - Eugene McCammon (1965)
I'm Waiting the Call - K. Wayne Gully (1965)
I've Preached and Sung a Long Time - H.Z. Doc Tanksley (1965)
I Left the World - Rev. Dr. Alfred Barratt (1965)

Box 4

I Will Look Unto the Lord - Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Eargle
I Will Walk With God - A.J. Thompson/M.H. Woodard (1965)
Jesus Watching and Waiting - M.H. Woodard (1965)
Jesus Will Do What He Says
Jesus Will Guide Me - M.H. Woodard (1965)
Jesus Will Not Pass Me by - Dolphus R. Roper/M.H. Woodard (1965)
Just Wait Upon the Lord - Rev. Carl Loy (1965)
Keep Sight to Christ - W. Sephus Cruce/M.H. Woodard (1965)

Box 5

Prepare To Meet Him - E.R. Ward (1965)
The Promised Land - Samuel Stennett
Quit You like Me - M.H. Woodard (1965)
Revive Us Again - W.M. P. Mckay
Room Enough in Heaven for All - Mrs. Frank Osborn/E.R. Ward (1965)
Saviour, Let Us Walk with Thee - B.F. White/M.H. Woodward (1965)
Saviour of Calvary - M.H. Woodard (1965)
Show Others the Way - M.H. Woodard (1965)

Box 6

Soaring Wings - M.H. Woodard (1965)
Something Calls - Wayne D. Catner (1965)
Song and Story - M.H. Woodard (1965)
The Stars Will Fall - O.P. Nunley (1965)
That Sunless Land - Rev. Dr. Alfred Barratt/M.H. Woodard (1957)
There's a Beautiful Land
There's a Crown of Glory for You - Rev. Carl Loy/M.H. Woodard (1965)
Time Is Precious - M.H. Woodard (1965)

Box 7

Turn Away From Sin - E.R. Ward (1965)
The Way That Leads to Glory - E.B. Hornsby (1965)
What a Glad Time - Rufus L. Hardwick/M.H. Woodard (1965)
What A Time We'll Have Together - Rev. Carl Loy/M.H. Woodard
When I Met My Saviour - U.G. Carr/M.H. Woodard (1965)
Wonderful Jesus - J.L. Freeman (1965)

Series 2 - Rare Book Mounted Printing Blocks (alphabetical)

Box 1

A cross for a Crown – Bill Stewart Hr. (1960)
Be Faithful in Each Task – Avis L. Hasford (1962)
Come to the Savior – George R. Root
Crown Him Lord of All – T.E. Woodard
Happy All the Time – L. Duke (1937)
I Talked With My Saviour – M.H. Woodard (1959)
In the Happy By and By – Avis L. Hasford
In Time of Storms He Leadeth Me – C.B. Woodard (1945)
Just Look Up and Follow Him – Lonnie C. Williams (1962)

Box 2

Let the Hallelujahs Roll – Edgar Baker (1962)
Let Us Be Grateful – H.M. Woodard (1959)
Magnify His Name – Dr. Alfred Barratt (1959)
Marching On the Glory Road
Marching On the Glory Road
Morning, Evening, Night – M.H. Woodard (1961)
Moses A True Leader
My Faith is Calling to Thee – Dr. Alfred Barratt
My Saviour Remembers Me

Box 3

Oh, Let Us Give Praise
On the Wall – Dolphus Roper (1962)
Pray Like Daniel – Thomas M. Stevens
Prayer – Dolphus R. Roper (1962)
Rest in the Kingdom for Me – C.B. Woodard (1945)
Rocket Ship of Love – H.H. Conway (1962)
Rocket Ship of Love
Sing Happy Praises – M.H. Woodard (1962)
Sing Praises to Jehova – Thomas M. Stevens (1962)

Box 4

That Golden Shore – Dr. Alfred Barratt (1959)
That Sunless Land
The Counsel of the Lord – M.H. Woodard (1959)
The Hills of God – M.H. Woodard (1959)
The Saviour’s Waiting – U.G. Carr (1966)
To My Mother – Dolphus R. Roper (1962)
Tones of Melody – M.H. Woodard (1956)
Walk Up-Right – T.E. Woodard (1963)
Whisper His Name in Prayer – Freddie L. Carr

*Boxes 5-8 are labeled [OXIDIZED] and are listed alphabetically


A Dream of Heaven
Be Faithful to the Savior
Glorified in Thee – T.E. Woodard (1959)
God is With Us – M.H. Woodard (1959)
Gold Holds the Future
His Blood Atoned for Me
I Need My Saviour
I’m Going Home – Louis E. Johnson (1959)
I’m Going Home – M.H. Woodard


Jesus Rescued Me – M.H. Woodard
Let Us Sing – M.H. Woodard (1959)
Love’s In My Heart
Moses A True Leader – U.G. Carr (1963)
My Guide and Stay – M.H. Woodard (1959)
My Presence Shall Go With Thee
Nobody Else But Jesus
On Heaven’s Shore – M.H. Woodard (1959)
Rest in the Kingdom for Me


Teach Me Thy Paths – P.J. Woodard (1957)
Teach Us the Way – M.H. Woodard (1959)
That Golden Shore – Dr. Alfred Barratt (1969)
The Great Glad Day – T.B. Mosley
The Light of His Love – P.J. Woodard (1959)
The New Born King – M.H. Woodard
There Is a Land – M.H. Woodard (1959)
When I Awake – M.H. Woodard (1959)
Whisper a Prayer – M.H. Woodard (1959)


With Me Every Moment – T.E. Woodard (1959)
With Me Every Moment
Wondrous Joy and Gladness – P.J. Woodard (1959)

*Boxes 9 is labeled [EXTREMELY OXIDIZED] and is listed alphabetically


God is With Us
I know there’s a Home
My Guide and Stay – M.H. Woodard and Dr. Alfred Barratt
That Beautiful Home – James Rowe and M.H. Woodard
The World’s Redeemer
While the Years Roll On – M.H. Woodard
[?] – Unreadable tune

Series 3 - Folio Printing Plates

Box 1

“Two Great Books! - ‘Magic Steel Guitarist’ & ‘Faye and Cleo’s Home Song Favorites’” (folio advertisement)
“Al Bernard’s Modern Spirituals” – Stasny Music (folio cover)

Series 4 - Sheet Music Printing Plates


“Thurston (March & Two-Step)” – by Anthony J. Stastny, 1911, J. Stastny Music Co. (first page of sheet music)
“The Clarinet Polka (Will Tingle-Ingle in Your Heart)” – Stasny Music (sheet music cover)


Arranged into 18 boxes, grouped into 4 “series” and divided based on the condition of the material:
Series 1. Rare book printing plates: boxes 1-7, arranged alphabetically.
Series 2. Rare book mounted printing blocks: boxes 1-4, arranged alphabetically; boxes 5-8 are separated because of oxidation, and are also arranged alphabetically. Box 9 is labeled [EXTREMELY OXIDIZED] and is arranged alphabetically within this box.
Series 3. Folio printing plates: arranged by size.
Series 4. Sheet music printing plates: arranged by size.


All boxes are located in the Centers closed stacks area, housed on shelving adjacent to the larger rare book collection.


Related Materials

The Center has secondary sources related to gospel music and music printing available in the Reading Room and searchable through the MTSU Walker Library main catalog. The Centers large collection of printed hymnals and gospel songbooks are also searchable via the Centers online InMagic database. In addition to these, the M.H. Woodard Manuscripts and Gospel Songbook Collection (01-023) contains manuscript papers and shape note gospel songbooks printed by Mr. Woodard. Also, the Ruebush-Kieffer Company Corporate Collection (07-010), a digital manuscript collection chronicling the origins and business operations of this successful gospel music publishing company, is available upon request.

The Center contains a collection of over 75,500 pieces of printed sheet music of all formats and genres, including sheet music from the Paul A. Riseman Collection (14-054) in which the sheet music printing plates were removed from. Mr. Riseman was an avid collector of vintage jazz records and a sheet music and movie memorabilia dealer. Individual pieces of sheet music are searchable via the Centers online InMagic database.

Processed By

Processed and preserved by Luke Graves, October 2015-May 2016

Rehoused and finding aid written by Rachel K. Morris, October 2016


Boxes marked [OXIDIZED] pose severe health concerns to patrons due to the oxidation of the metal - access is only allowed via permission of the Center Archivist.


Printing plates, Hymns, Shape-note hymnals, Gospel music, A. J. Stasny Music Co.

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