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Civil War sound recordings

Physical Description

 8 33 rpm sound recordings



Scope and Content

The commercial sound recordings listed below were used by special projects coordinator Bruce Nemerov while working on a Center project to assist Time-Life Records in preparing a compact disc recording of Civil War Music in the spring of 1991. This list is believed to include all of the sound recordings of Civil War era music held by the Center at that time.  

Collection Contents

Recordings list

Heritage Military Music Foundation. 1005. Rally Round the Flag.  

-----. 18855. Civil War Military Band Music, Original Music on Original Instruments.  

-----. 1003. Music for the President.  

-----. 1004. Band Music of the Confederacy.  

-----. 1006. Cheer Boys Cheer.  

-----. 1007. Dixie's Land.  

-----. 1009. The Grand Review (2 discs).  

(The above discs (RDE 004-245 - 004-251) are all performed by the 1st Brigade Band, a recreation of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 15th Army Corps band which left Brodhead, Wisconsin in 1864 to march with General William T. Sherman in his campaigns in Georgia and the Carolinas.)  

New World Records. NW 202. Songs of the Civil War. (RDE 005-891).


Civil War, 1860-1865 - Songs and music


Center for Popular Music, Nemerov, Bruce


Time-Life Records, Center for Popular Music

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