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Mrs. Ellis Shanklin Martin interview and photographs

Accession Numbers


Physical Description

1 audio cassette tape (TCA-0212)

1 audio tape (TTA-0212) (preservation copy)

23 photo images (contact sheet frames, negatives, and 6 prints)


December 10, 1996

Provenance and Acquisition Information

Interview conducted by CPM sound archivist Bruce Nemerov; photos taken by CPM archivist David Jellema in Allegre, Kentucky.

Agency History/Biographical Sketch

Mrs. Ellis Shanklin was born in Allegre September 24, 1908 to a musical family, and began playing guitar in 1913. She got her first guitar ca. 1920 from Sears-Roebuck. She is the mother (and guitar teacher) of the late Odell Martin, fingerstyle guitar player.

Scope and Content

Twenty-three (23) images of Mrs. Ellis Shanklin Martin and the Shanklin and Martin tombstones in Allegre, Kentucky, and the birthplace of Merle Travis (the so-called "Frack House") in Rosewood, Kentucky. Images are archived in negatives and contact sheets, except for six (6) prints of the images (of the Frack House and Mrs. Martin playing guitar). One (1) audio cassette tape of an interview conducted by CPM sound archivist, Bruce Nemerov. Pictures and interview recorded on December 10, 1996.


Audio tapes are filed by tape number with other archival audio materials. Photographs are filed under "Martin, Mrs. Ellis Shanklin" in the Center biographical iconographic files.


Other images of Mrs. Martin are found on the contact sheets which include images of C.L. (Les) Haney, collection 97-012. See also the Martin, Odell Collection, the "Fingerstyle Guitar Seminar and Concert Records," and the Rager, Mose audio tapes in this inventory, "That Muhlenberg Sound" among the serials, a book by that title by Bobby Anderson, and the TMS label in the commercial audio cassettes.

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Nemerov, Bruce, Jellema, David

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