Rules for Use of Center Materials

  1. Registration. Visitors to the CPM sign in at the front desk.  Depending on the nature of the visit, visitors might also be asked to fill out a registration form and to present identification such as a driver’s license or an institutional ID.
  2. Personal Belongings.  Personal belongings such as backpacks, briefcases, and coats must be stored on the shelves and coat racks at the right of the CPM entrance.  Only materials needed for research, such as paper, pencil (no pens), notebooks, and laptop computers, are allowed in the reading room, and such materials are subject to inspection before they are removed from the CPM.
  3. Food/Drink.  No food and beverages are permitted in the CPM reading room.
  4. Circulation.  All materials are to be used only in the reading room.  No CPM materials circulate or can be removed unless special arrangements have been made.
  5. Self-Service Areas.  Books, journals, computers, microform readers, and the Kardex systems are self-service.  CPM staff can help with any questions.
  6. Use of Listening Equipment.  Playback equipment is available in multiple formats.  While all listeners are welcome, the Center is devoted primarily to researchers; please limit recreational listening.  Typically, using listening equipment requires staff supervision, and please ask staff for assistance if you are not fully aware of how equipment functions.  Access to 78 rpm discs and other unusual formats requires special arrangements.  To ensure we are ready, please make the arrangement in advance of your visit.
  7. Handling Materials.  Please handle all CPM materials very carefully.  Materials are not to be marked, rearranged, or handled in any way likely to cause damage.  Only one box or folder of loose papers may be opened at a time to avoid mixing.  In some cases, the CPM staff might limit the use of highly fragile materials.
  8. Reshelving.  All materials should be returned to the front desk.  Do not reshelve materials.
  9. Copyright. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure permission to publish copyrighted material obtained from the Center.
  10. Citing the Center.  In citing special collections materials held by the Center, please cite the full name of the collection and of the Center.  Example: From the Kenneth S. Goldstein Collection of American Song Broadsides, Center for Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State University.
  11. Copies of Recordings.  Copying of recordings is not permitted.  The Center will make copies of recordings for a fee providing such a request complies with the “fair use” provisions of the U.S. Copyright statute.
  12. Photocopies.  A photocopier is available at the Center to use.  Copyright restrictions indicate it is usually not permissible to copy entire collections, books, or journals, and large portions thereof.  Copies are provided solely for researchers’ personal research needs and may not be given to another individual or placed in another archive, library, or other repository. As a general rule, visitors can make photocopies themselves for published materials, and staff will need to make photocopies for special collections materials and rare books.  The Center reserves the right to refuse a copying request which would in our opinion violate copyright law or restrictions placed on materials by donors or which might cause damage to fragile items. Researchers desiring photoduplication services should consult Reading Room staff to complete necessary forms and receive instructions. Do not remove materials from folders or mark items for copying except as instructed by staff.
  13. Behavior.  Persons refusing to comply with Center rules, presenting a danger to the collections, or behaving in an unprofessional manner may have their permission to use the Center revoked.

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