Business Administration, Legal and Ethical Governance Concentration, M.B.A.

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Business Administration, Legal and Ethical Governance Concentration, M.B.A.

Are you an aspiring business leader who is concerned about the impact of your company on more than just the bottom line? Do you want to be a leader who positively impacts people and the planet by applying legal and ethical approaches to solve business challenges?  Do you want to enhance and practice your critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills as you grapple with real world issues? The Legal and Ethical concentration in the M.B.A. is designed to equip you with knowledge of legal and ethical frameworks, begin the journey to legal astuteness in timely governance and business law topics, and hone the skills to communicate your ideas in a confident, ethical and socially responsible manner so that you not only act with integrity but you also build trust with employees, team members, suppliers, partners, clients, and in your community.

Courses in this concentration provide opportunities for you to experience the application of the law and ethics to business through case analysis, simulations, written assignments or interactive discussions so that you:

  • Engage critical, holistic, reflective, and strategic thinking to plan for and manage legal and ethical problems in business.
  • Enhance communication skills to prepare you to work in consultation with appropriate legal and business professionals, team members, employees, partners, clients, investors, and other stakeholders.
  • Engage in civil discourse to widen perspectives, gain respect for individual differences and commonalties, and resolve differences using reason and persuasion in preparation for working in a diverse workforce.
  • Become aware of emerging governance structures that focus on more than profit maximization by being accountable to the environment, society and other stakeholders.
  • Open the door to management positions in corporate, non-profit, education, healthcare, government, consulting, or community development organizations that seek ethical and responsible leaders.
  • Develop skills that will facilitate your personal goals and career development to prepare you to be an ethical leader who influences positive change!


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Sherry Preston graduate student

While this concentration is new, experienced faculty have been teaching courses in this concentration. Sherry Preston, an MTSU Sr. Specialist in Contracts working on her graduate degree, explains the benefits gained from one of these courses:

Increased Ethics Perspective and Impact on Other Stakeholders:

“A new perspective I gained during this course is understanding how ethics play a role in decisions made at work, at home, at church, and even at the grocery store or gas station.”

“A point that was stressed many times throughout our course is even though something is legal, it may not be ethical. I have to decide for myself, as an employee, how I should act and what kind of person I should be in my role. There are more stakeholders involved than I would have realized before this course.”

“Ethics plays a large role in most human resource duties. Helping employees be accountable for their actions, whether through training or disciplinary action, is necessary to maintain an honest and successful office.”

“What I have learned about ethical theories advances my ability to be successful in my career by maintaining honesty and integrity in my duties. Understanding the duty of loyalty, fairness, keeping promises, and good faith can apply in my career as much as in a business partnership agreement… to make a positive impact on those I come into contact with at work, at home, at church, and the grocery store or gas station, I have to look farther and wider to see what the outcomes of my decisions might be and how it affects everyone involved.”

“In the past I may have thought my way was the only ethically-correct way to do something, but have learned it’s not a simple on or off switch but more of a dimmer switch that can change by degrees.”

Applying Legal Knowledge to Career Goals:

“I obtained my Certified Paralegal certification from National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) in 2023 and believe I was successful largely because of having taken [this] course…. The knowledge I gained from this course put me ahead in studying for the exams.”

Enhancing Professional Skills:

  • Teamwork: “The extra collaboration we did for the Capstone project really strengthened the teamwork aspect.”
  • Flexibility: “I was able to adapt my presentation on spur of the moment when another classmate mentioned, or failed to mention, certain evidence. This helps in my current position as I respond to clients, staff, and students who may start with a question and I need to adapt my answer based on which way they go with the conversation.”
  • Leadership: “In breakout rooms…, I often assumed a leadership role but not until others were given an opportunity to put themselves out there for us. Leadership skills in my current position come more by way of leading a process more than people, but people are involved in the process too.”
  • Communication: “The specific core competency goal I made progress on during this course is communication skills…. If I can better communicate what I need, and better hear what others need from me, the job will be much more successful.”
  • Critical Thinking: “Another goal I set at the beginning of this course was related to critical thinking and problem solving skills. I had a personal goal to notice and correct myself when I was thinking my way of solving a problem was the only way to solve the problem. This ties in with my professional goal in this area which was to narrow down and focus on only the best options before I make a decision. When presenting…, we learned to focus on the main points that really affect the outcome and dig deep with those issues rather than lightly mentioning several points but not looking into each of them.”

Overall: “It’s a great encouragement when you have professors who, it seems, devote all their time to making sure you learned something and that you enjoyed learning it too.”





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