PipelineMT Upgrade

PipelineMT underwent a major upgrade and facelift on Sept. 16, 2017.

Noteworthy Changes

  • The RaiderNet identity has gone away. You still have the same menu options that you had on RaiderNet. But you have one less click by not having to go through a RaiderNet tab to get to them.
  • Navigation now mostly occurs from the left side of each page. But there are some navigational links at the bottom of some secondary pages as well.
  • Some grouping and re-sorting of menu options has been done to show the options in a more logical manner.
  • A few options were renamed to better reflect their purpose and use. You’ve already seen most of the reordering and renaming of the Faculty Service and Advisors menus because these were done on the old PipelineMT over several weeks prior to and in prep for the upgrade.
  • The Advisors menu is accessible directly from the left-nav.

And, as has always been the case, the following Faculty Services options do allow a faculty member to still email their class.

  • Class List Summary
  • Class List with Photo
  • Class List with Permits/Overrides
  • Class List with Student Detail

Password Changes

Please remember that your PipelineMT password changed on Sept. 16. After the upgrade you must use your MTSU email password to login to PipelineMT. If you don't know your MTSU email password, please visit mtsu.edu/changepw.

STUDENTS: Continue to use your MTSU User ID as your Username.  This is the portion of your MTMail account name to the left of “@mtmail.mtsu.edu” and should be the same Username you were already using for PipelineMT. Your password for PipelineMT has become the same as your MTMail account password.

FACULTY/STAFF: Continue to use your MTSU User ID, sometimes referred to as your FSA user account name, as your Username. This should be the same Username you were already using for PipelineMT. Your password for PipelineMT has become the same as your FSA password, also referred to as your Exchange or Outlook password.

My Courses Change

With the major overhaul of PipelineMT, the My Courses component of PipelineMT is no longer available. 

My Courses offered faculty a limited framework for posting syllabi and other course documents and saw very little use. The vast majority of faculty use D2L for posting syllabi and other course materials along with D2L's many other helpful features. 

If you would like advice or assistance with using D2L, please call the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC) at 615-904-8189.

Need Help?

If you have questions or encounter any problems related to changes to PipelineMT contact the ITD Help Desk.

It is located in KUC 320 and can be reached at 615-898-5345 or by email at help@mtsu.edu. The ITD Help Desk website is mtsu.edu/help/index.php.


For any faculty or staff members who want an overview of the new PipelineMT, we are offering workshops at Workshop Calendar.