Campus WiFi Wireless Project

MTSU Network Services embarked upon an expansive project in 2012 to provide complete wireless network coverage to the main campus.  The project began with the College of Education receiving the first wireless upgrade in support of several student success initiatives in that building.  Each room was surveyed to determine if the current wireless coverage was adequate in terms of signal strength and call capacity.  The data was then modeled in special software, pinpointing the exact locations of where wireless access points were needed throughout the building to meet the new performance standards of MTSU Networking Services.  Through funding provided by the Information Technology Division, the College of Education Building wireless network was completed, providing enhanced coverage and excellent capacity to handle many more wireless devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

The next building to receive the wireless upgrade was the James E. Walker Library.  This building presents a serious challenge to wireless networking, with the book stacks and reinforced walls creating several layers of signal-attenuating material.  The survey and data modeling was done, hardware and software ordered and installed, and the new system came to life.  Now there is Wi-Fi accessible across the entire learning space.

University housing received an upgrade in the summer of 2014.  Student Affairs worked closely with ITD, providing the funding of approximately $1.2 million, to upgrade the Wi-Fi network in all areas of student housing. Over 500 wireless access points were installed and activated in 24 buildings, giving the students and staff stable and fast Wi-Fi networking in dormitory rooms, university apartments, Greek Row, and staff areas within those same buildings.

Other buildings that have been upgraded are Business and Aerospace, McFarland, Kirksey Old Main, Peck Hall, Bragg College of Media and Entertainment Building, and several others.

To date, over $3,000,000 has been expended on the wireless project, with a total cost for all buildings estimated at approximately $7,000,000.

The pace of wireless upgrades continues.  Additional buildings will be upgraded with priority based on several factors, including age of current equipment, student population served in that building, curriculum requirements, etc.  The entire list of buildings with associated upgrade costs and proposed dates can be found below.

Upgrades for FY2016 still in progress
Date of Upgrade Building Status cost
Fall 2016 Davis Science Building In Progress $371,450
Fall 2016 Wiser-Patten Science In Progress $428,609
  TOTAL FY2016  

$ 800,059


Current Upgrades for FY2017
Date of Upgrade Building Status cost           
 Fall 2016 Honors Building Complete  $29,000
 Fall 2016 Saunders Fine Art In Progress $43,000
 Fall 2016 Todd Hall In Progress $133,000
 Fall 2016  Voorhies Engineering Technology In Progress $53,000
 Fall 2016 Cason-Kennedy Nursing Building In Progress $70,000
 Fall 2016 Boutwell Dramatic Arts Complete $44,000
 Fall 2016 Alumni Memorial Gym Complete $97,000
  Ned McWherter Learning Resources Center   $62,000
  James Union Building   $55,000
  Keathley University Center (KUC)   $172,000
  Stark Agribusiness   $32,000
  Wood-Stegall Center   $13,000
  Wright Music Building   $42,000
  Jean A. Jack Flight Center   $20,000
  Forrest Hall   $20,000
  ROTC Annex   $16,206
  Fairview Building   $46,000
  Holmes Maintenance Complex   $65,000
  Printing Services Building   $11,407
  Student Recreation Center   $48,000
  Tenn Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia   $20,000
  Tom H. Jackson Building   $13,085
  Campus Police Building   $13,085
  Telecomm Building   $23,000
  Alumni Office   $16,766
  Alumni Relations House   $23,720
  The Chris Young Cafe   $10,955
  1114 East Lytle Street   $9,675
  1416 East Main Street (Historice Preservation)   $9,675
  1417 East Main Street (Center ofr Historic Preservation)   $9,675
  204 North Baird Lane (Budget Office)   $9,675
  TOTAL FY2017   $ 1,214,160


Projected Upgrades for FY2018
Date of Upgrade Building Status cost           
  211 College Heights   $21,000
  Central Utility Plant / Chilling Plant   $22,000
  Central Utility Plant/COGENeration Plant   $25,000
  COGENeration Addition   $24,000
  Ellington Human Sciences   $24,000
  Emmett and Rose K   $12,000
  Greenhouse   $5,455
  Horticulture Facility   $13,085
  Housing Maintenance Annex   $9,795
  Maintenance Complex - Bayer Travis   $15,000
  Maintenance Complex Hastings   $21,000
  Maintenance Complex Haynes-Turner   $31,000
  Maintenance Complex Open Shed   $5,455
  Maintenance Complex Warehouse (unrenovated area)   $10,000
  Miller Coliseum   $125,619
  Observatory   $5,455
  Off-Campus Warehouse   $9,695
  Parking Services   $33,000
  President's Home   $2,000
  ProjectHELP   $19,000
  Satellite Chiller Plant   $5,455
  Sports Medicine / Stadium Addition   $9,675
  Stephen B Smith Clubhouse and Indoor Training Facility   $16,766
  Storage Warehouse   $2,820
  Tennessee Livestock   $6,768
  Vocational Agriculture   $9,729
  Women's Softball Complex   $6,768
  Baseball Stadium   $6,768
  Dean A Hayes Track and Soccer Stadium   $6,768
  Floyd Stadium   $2,000,000
  Harris Middle School   $0
  Murphy Center   $150,000
  Donald McDonald Hangar   $4,845
  Farm Shop (Guy James)   $2,840
  Miller Lanier Airway Science   $4,845
  Pittard Campus School (C/O Rutherford Cty Schools)   $0
  Airport Hangar 2   $6,500
  Main Dairy Farm (Guy James)   $3,000
  Natatorium   $3,500
  Telescope Building   $1,500
  Recreation Storage   $3,500
  Tennis Shelter   $3,500
  Murphy Center   $150,000
  TOTAL FY2018   $ 2,714,107


Projected Upgrades for FY2019
Date of Upgrade Building Status cost             
  Womack Lane Apartments - including Central Svcs (upgd 2012)   $130,000
  College of Education (upgd 2012)   $230,000
  Business and Aerospace (upgd 2013)   $230,000
  Champion Way Garage (upgd 2013)   $5,000
  James E. Walker Library (upgd 2013)   $75,000
  Sam H. Ingram Building (upgd 2013)   $9,171
  Student Union (upgd 2013)   $70,000
  TOTAL FY2019    $ 749,171


Projected Upgrades for FY2020
Date of Upgrade Building Status cost           
   Abernathy Hall  - to be razed   $0
  Alpha Delta Pi House (upgd 2014)   $20,000
  Alpha Omicron Pi House (upgd 2014)   $20,000
  Beasley Hall (upgd 2014)   $20,827
  Chi Omega House (upgd 2014)   $20,000
  Corlew Hall (upgd 2014)   $114,854
  Deere Hall (upgd 2014)   $25,754
  E.W. Midgett Building (upgd 2014)   $20,000
  Ezell Hall - to be razed   $0
  Gracy Hall (upgd 2014)   $23,783
  Jim Cummings Hall (upgd 2014)   $117,412
  Jones Hall (upgd 2014)   $70,000
  Judd Hall (upgd 2014)   $22,305
  Kappa Alpha House (upgd 2014)   $8,867
  Lyon Hall (upgd 2014)   $67,393
  Mary Hall (upgd 2014) (cost included in Lyon Hall)   $0
  McHenry Hall (upgd 2014) (cost included in Lyon Hall)   $0
  Monohan Hall (upgd 2014)   $139,453
  MTSU Blvd Garage (installed 2014)   $
  Nicks Hall (upgd 2014) (cost included in Deere Hall)   $0
  Reynolds Hall (upgd 2014) (included in Monohan Hall)   $0
  Rutledge Hall (upgd 2014)   $19,567
  Scarlett Commons Complex (upgd 2014)   $56,705
  Schardt Hall (upgd 2014) (cost included in Monohan)   $0
  Science Building (installed 2014)   $134,000
  Sigma Alpha Epsilon House (upgd 2014)   $9,852
  Sigma Chi House (upgd 2014)   $8,374
  Sigma Nu House (upgd 2014)   $8,374
  Sims Hall (upgd 2014)   $22,305
  Smith Hall (upgd 2014)   $77,122
  Student Services (installed 2014)   $55,000
  TOTAL FY2020   $ 404,177


Projected Upgrades for FY2021

Date of Upgrade Building                                             Status Cost
  Cope Administration Building   $200,000
  McFarland Building   $61,673
  Bragg Mass Comm Building   $102,000
  Kirksey Old Main (KOM)   $133,000
  Peck Hall   $127,000
  Airport Flight Simulator Building   $15,000
  Bell Street Center   $115,000
  TOTAL FY2021   $ 754,000


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