Quest for Student Success 2025

President McPhee convened a committee in December 2017 to glean our best and boldest ideas to continue to strengthen our efforts toward helping students become academically successful and revise the Quest for Student Success, which launched in 2013. 

 From President McPhee's August 2019 Newsletter:

Quest 2025 focuses on student success marked by a deeper and broader academic and student life experience that extends learning beyond graduation. Students will learn:
• how to learn
• how to ask the right questions
• how to take risks and learn from their mistakes
• how to succeed personally and professionally

Here are a few key components of our updated Quest plan.

The ultimate goal is to graduate students who are:
• prepared to thrive professionally
• committed to lifelong learning
• actively engaged as citizens of their communities and the world

The committee has developed three areas of focus:
1. Enhance the quality of the academic experience by helping faculty engage with students.
2. Enhance the quality of the student life experience.
3. Build an academic and student support network that facilitates learning

The plan will include specific measurable metrics to be accomplished.

In summary, the new Quest for Student Success 2025 underscores the University’s core mission: to produce graduates who are prepared to thrive professionally, are committed to critical inquiry and lifelong learning, and are engaged as civically, globally responsible citizens.