Online Psychology Programs

Completing an Online B.S. in Psychology

The 38-hour major in psychology at MTSU is one of several majors at MTSU that can be completed online. For your convenience, a list of core required courses and electives offered online is provided below, along with the semesters each course is typically offered (*based on previous years’ course offerings). In addition to satisfying the requirements for the 38-hour major, psychology majors also must satisfy the requirements for general education and the requirements for two 15-hour minors, as well as university graduation requirements. Please note that not every course in the department is offered online and that only a select number of non-core classes in the major are presently offered online. Students who are interested in completing their coursework for the major by taking online classes should carefully plan their course selections and verify with their advisor that a course is going to be offered when needed. The department reserves the right to change and or cancel course offerings due to budgetary and staff reductions and student need. Click to see list of online minors.

Course No. and Title Credit Hours Offerings
Core Required Courses 26 hours  
1410 General Psychology 3 Offered online every   semester and summers
2000 Seminar on Careers in Psychology 1 Offered online every   semester and summers
2210 Psychology of Social Behavior 3 Offered Fall semester and   summers online
2300 Developmental Psychology 3 Offered online every   semester and summers
3020 Basic Statistics for Behavioral Science 3 Offered online every   semester & summers
3070 Research Methods &
3071 Research Methods Lab

Offered online every   semester; no summers
3230 Abnormal   Psychology
3590 Personality
3 PSY3590 offered every   semester through ROCC; PSY3230 offered online every semester & summers
4030 Psychology of   Sensation and Perception
4240 Behavioral Neuroscience
3 PSY4030 offered online   most semesters & summers; PSY4240 offered most semesters & summers
4040 Introduction to   Cognitive Psychology
4480 Learning Theories
3 Both are offered   online every semester; PSY4480 offered summers
Elective hours in psychology (at least 9 hours must be upper   division hours): Choose from the following offerings below: 12 hours  
PSY2190: Human Brain, Behavior, & Consciousness 3 Offered Fall semester & summers
PSY3230 or PSY3590 (whichever one was not taken for the major) 3 Both offered every semester & summers
PSY3320: Introduction to I/O Psychology 3 Offered every semester & summers
PSY4190: Child Psychology 3 Offered summer only
PSY4250: Psychology of the Exceptional Child 3 Offered summer only
PSY4260: Introduction to Psychological Testing 3 May be offered Spring semester & summers
PSY4360: Organizational Psychology 3 Offered every semester
PSY4330: Industrial & Organizational Training & Development 3 Offered Spring semester & summers
PSY4440: Psychology of Close Relationships 3 Offered summer only
PSY4600: Psychosexual Adjustment 3 Offered Spring semester & summers
PSY4700: History & Systems 3 Offered Spring semester

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